3 Motorcycle Technologies That Make Bikers “Crave for More”

Motorcycle enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for new technologies that can enhance their riding experience. From airbag-equipped jackets to smart brake lights and helmets with integrated heads-up displays, there are a plethora of cutting-edge advancements that bikers simply can't resist.


The number of motorcycle accidents is increasing, not only in Vietnam but also in developed countries. That’s why motorcycle manufacturers are actively investing in research and applying new technologies to ensure the safety of riders.

Airbag Jackets

The airbag jacket is a product from Dainese, a manufacturer of motorcycle clothing. Ducati has developed a variant of the Multistrada with an accident detection sensor integrated into the bike.

3 motorcycle technologies that bikers desire - Ducati-Multistrada-1200-D-Air-1.jpg

Within 45 milliseconds after the accident occurs, the sensor on the Multistrada will send a signal wirelessly to the Dainese D-Air jacket worn by the rider to activate the airbag system on the jacket, reducing the risk of injury caused by accidents.

The Multistrada D-Air dashboard will have 3 new icons, which will light up, indicating that the rider’s jacket airbag system is connected to the sensor on the bike.

Brake Warning Light

Vololights is the name of a taillight equipped with chips and sensors that can illuminate when it detects that the rider is reducing the speed of the vehicle. Unlike traditional taillights that only light up when you apply the brakes, Vololights will illuminate when the vehicle is significantly decelerating, even when you downshift to reduce speed, helping the vehicle behind you know that you are suddenly reducing speed, thereby reacting in time to avoid unfortunate accidents.

The Vololights system is structured like a frame attached to the vehicle license plate. Inside the frame are 8 red LED lights for deceleration signaling, 1 white LED for illuminating the license plate, a processing chip, and a 3-axis acceleration sensor.

Whenever Vololights detects a sudden decrease in speed, the LED lights behind will flash to let the vehicles behind know, whether you are applying the brakes or downshifting. Depending on the speed of deceleration, the lights on Vololights will flash correspondingly, from 2 to 5 flashes per second.

Helmet with Information Display

Heads-Up Displays or HUD, a technology for displaying information on the windshield, is not unfamiliar in cars or aviation, but it is different for motorcycles.

Skully is a motorcycle helmet with a built-in 180-degree camera and displays information on the front visor. The camera allows riders to actively avoid collisions by observing blind spots. And compared to other riders, the wearer of this helmet has the equivalent of 3 rear-view mirrors instead of two.

In addition, the technology allows displaying maps, notifications from a third-party device such as a wirelessly connected smartphone. Riders can make hands-free calls or listen to music.

Anh Duc (TTTD)