Introduced in Vietnam in 2012, the eSP (enhanced Smart Power) engine marks a major advancement for Honda in continuously improving and optimizing its products to meet the needs of consumers. eSP has many advantages, such as the PGM-FI electronic fuel injection system, which intelligently calculates the amount of air and fuel needed for the engine based on different terrain, helping the bike save fuel and be durable on every journey; The temporary engine stop system Idling-stop helps temporarily shut down the engine when the bike stops for more than 3 seconds, increasing fuel efficiency and being environmentally friendly; The ACG starter integrated engine with the start-up and power generation system minimizes the driving links and also helps the bike consume less fuel.

According to Autodaily, with the application of the eSP engine on the new Honda VISION line, launched in October last year, Honda has achieved the goal of synchronizing the new generation eSP engine on all its scooters in Vietnam, including SH, PCX, Sh mode, Air Blade, LEAD, and VISION. Both experts and consumers have responded positively to these efforts by Honda.

Mr. Le Anh Tai (27 years old, office worker) shared: “As a fan of Honda, I am very interested in the information about the eSP technology mentioned recently. What surprises me is that all current Honda scooters are equipped with modern and optimized features, the most impressive of which is the powerful ACG starter integrated engine and the intelligent temporary engine shut down feature after 3 seconds.”

Meanwhile, as a fresh graduate who is hesitating to choose a powerful, affordable motorcycle to travel to work, Ms. Anh Thu said: “I had the opportunity to test drive and experience the eSP technology at the HEAD before making a decision. What I find fascinating is that now not only luxury motorcycles are equipped with eSP, but also affordable models like LEAD or VISION are now applied with this advanced technology.”

Sharing with Autodaily, Mr. Tan Loc, the owner of a motorcycle distribution store, said: “After only a little over a month since its launch, many people have come to inquire and purchase Honda VISION. According to me, the main reason is that consumers are increasingly interested in technology and prefer affordable motorcycles that are integrated with advanced technologies like eSP.”

It can be seen that the application of the intelligent eSP engine on all Honda scooters has received positive feedback from various perspectives. With experts, Honda scores points for its efforts in developing smart technology for its scooter generation. As for consumers, they are not only satisfied with the performance and significant fuel-saving capabilities of the bikes but also have the opportunity to explore and enjoy interesting technological experiences from their smart vehicles.

To experience the new technologies of the eSP engine, consumers can access
HERE to participate in the game and receive attractive prizes, with the highest prize being a Honda VISION. Another eSP event will also be organized by Honda Vietnam on January 18, 2015, at NVH Thanh Nien, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, with the participation of many young people in creating the eSP logo and setting a Vietnamese record.

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Mr. Quan (TTTD)