Start Your Car with…Your Phone

With a smartphone, car owners can start and unlock their vehicle instead of using a traditional car key. The smartphone acts as a replacement for the traditional key, providing convenience and ease of use. This innovative feature allows car owners to have complete control over their vehicle at their fingertips. No more fumbling for keys or worrying about losing them. With just a simple tap on the smartphone screen, car owners can effortlessly access their vehicle and be on their way. This technology not only enhances the overall car ownership experience but also adds a touch of modernity and sophistication. Say goodbye to outdated car keys and say hello to the future of automotive technology with the smartphone as the ultimate key.


Volvo is planning to become the world’s first car manufacturer to no longer use car keys by 2017, but instead use smartphones.

Start car with smartphone volvo-key.jpg

Volvo customers will be provided with a dedicated mobile phone app to replace the traditional car key.

Through Bluetooth connectivity, users can use their phones to perform necessary functions, including unlocking and starting the car.

An interesting point about Volvo’s app and technology is that you can share the right to use the car with anyone, anywhere they also use this application.

Start car with smartphone 495290-volvo-unlocking-app.jpg

Video introducing Volvo’s car unlocking technology with smartphone:

Khanh An (Trithucthoidai)