The Ultimate Reverse 180-degree Car Drift in Hanoi: A Mind-Blowing Maneuver

On the first day of the MINI Driving Experience 2015, participants were impressed by the spectacular 180-degree reverse spin maneuver of the car.


This amazing performance is done by Mr. Wong Kah Keen, a trainer from the BMW Group. This is a special gift for MINI fans.

BMW MINI car performing a 180-degree reverse flick in HanoiMINI is the inspiration behind the Reverse Flick skill – performing a 180-degree reverse flick. (Photo: Huyen Nguyen)

The challenge of performing the Reverse Flick skill, which requires the driver to reverse the car at the highest possible speed, then shift to neutral and fully turn the steering wheel to one side. The rest is to adjust the steering wheel to make the car rotate exactly 180 degrees and turn around to continue moving forward.

Hoang Tung (TTTD)
Video: Huyen Nguyen