Honda City is a familiar model in the top 10 best-selling products in the market. The car possesses all the strengths from design, performance to equipment, to be able to convince and satisfy its customers.

Nguyen Cong Trung – the owner of a Honda City RS 2023 sedan – currently lives and works in Hanoi. His family has just decided to buy a B-segment sedan, based on the need for daily commuting.

Mr. Trung himself often has to travel tens of kilometers from his private house in Dan Phuong district to Ha Dong district. Moreover, his family also has 3 young children who need to be shuttled to school every day. A car has been a long-awaited need for his family.

Based on that need, the couple researched the market, including both used and new cars, low and high ride heights, and all segments from grade A to grade C. However, after weighing the options, Mr. Trung’s family decided to go with the highest-end RS version of the Honda City, the latest model in 2023.

Sharing the biggest reason for the decision to “settle” with the Honda City, Mr. Trung said he himself really likes the sedan shape and the need to move mostly in the city, not necessarily requiring a high-ride car. The design of the Honda City brings elegance and luxury.

In addition, the RS version still has some sporty and youthful details such as: dark front and rear bumpers, mirrors and side garnish, or the presence of the red RS logo on the grille. Mr. Trung’s wife also really likes the white paint of the Honda. And that’s how the “harmonious” couple welcomed the white City RS 2023 home.

Another point that convinced the couple is the equipment aspect. Contrary to the prejudice that “Japanese cars have nothing to break”, the couple’s City has “plenty” of utility features, even leading the segment, typical of: smart full LED lighting (with automatic on/off and adjusting the beam), electric mirrors, 4 disc brakes, smart key with remote start, touch-sensitive door handles…

If that’s not enough, inside the interior cabin, the Honda City RS 2023 is also very user-friendly with: leather seats and steering wheel, 8-inch center screen with connectivity to Apple/Android devices, accompanied by an 8-speaker entertainment system, automatic 1-zone air conditioning, and full vents as well as charging ports for both front/rear seats.

The driver’s area is a place that Mr. Trung is particularly fond of, with a series of convenient features: paddle shifters behind the steering wheel, a screen-type ODO meter and a fully-equipped steering wheel, including the Honda Sensing safety package. According to Mr. Trung, if the car is equipped with electronic parking brake, it will be much more convenient and beautiful.

Overall, Honda City RS 2023 has been fully equipped with essential features, so Mr. Trung didn’t have to spend any additional money to upgrade the car’s utilities. When buying the car, he was also given a promotion package of window tint film and dashcam. The user can feel completely at ease to hit the road right away.

Unlike high-ride cars, the trunk of the Honda City 2023 is very spacious and importantly, separate from the interior space. This helps passengers not feel uncomfortable, if there are odors in the luggage – especially about bringing food, seafood or fruits when returning home or traveling.

Mr. Cong Trung happily shared that during the National Day holiday of September 2nd, his whole family went on vacation to a hot mineral spring in the Thanh Thuy area, Phu Tho. This was also the “debut” trip of Mrs. Trung, after just receiving her driver’s license. Throughout the more than 150km journey, Mr. Trung entrusted the steering wheel to his wife with complete peace of mind.

For women, the Honda City provides a very easy and flexible driving experience. A clear view, limited blind spots give confidence. The steering wheel is delicately optimized, easy to maneuver in the city, while accurately responding to the road, giving confidence to the driver.

In addition, the Honda Sensing technology package with full driving support features makes control operations more convenient and safer, especially on highways. According to Mr. Trung, the adaptive cruise control (automatic throttle – following the car ahead) and lane departure warning are the two most useful features of the 2023 Honda City.

The naturally aspirated 1.5L engine provides a very dynamic feel when stepping on the accelerator pedal to overtake other cars. The CVT gearbox helps save fuel and provides a smooth and silky experience. The suspension system and chassis are solid and firm, but according to Mr. Trung, if the rear shock absorbers were softer, the experience for rear passengers would be even better.

The sound insulation capability is also acceptable. As for fuel consumption, Mr. Trung was really surprised with the 2023 Honda City. The car only “consumes” about 6L/100km with a mixed drive, and if driving on highways, it only consumes less than 5.5L/100km, which means with a full tank (about 800 thousand VND), Mr. Trung can drive for over 1 week on average.

Referring to the opinions of acquaintances who have long experience in buying and selling used cars, Mr. Trung is more confident with his decision. According to the sharing of his acquaintances, Japanese cars still maintain their reputation on the market, thanks to their resilience, not “going bad” or “breaking down” over many years of operation. Among them, Honda is famous for being a “durable” brand, with few breakdowns.

Sharing on the side, Mr. Trung further emphasized: besides Honda Sensing, Honda Connect is also an extremely attractive feature, which made him and his wife decide to choose the RS 2023 City as the family car instead of competitors. With smart connectivity, Mr. Trung can monitor various car parameters (current location, travel route, voltage, fuel level…) right on his phone in an extremely intuitive way.

When lending the car or letting his wife use it, he can unlock or start it remotely. And especially, the Honda City RS 2023 even notifies the owner in case of an unintended collision – an extremely useful and safe feature!

Based on personal experience, Mr. Cong Trung rates his Honda City RS 2023 9 out of 10 points. The car meets the commuting needs of Mr. Trung’s family and himself very well, even surpassing expectations in many aspects, especially advanced safety technology and superior modern features.

Affirming the car’s quality once again, Mr. Trung firmly stated that he would still choose the Honda City RS if he had to make the choice again. Because in terms of price and segment, it would be difficult for any car to perform better and be more comprehensive than the Honda City.

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Photos: Huy Bach