Skoda Kodiaq is an ideal family car that meets all the important criteria in its price range. However, until now, Kodiaq has not released an electric version.

While waiting for Skoda Kodiaq to be officially launched in Vietnam, let’s see how foreign experts evaluate this car.

7 years ago, at the time of its launch, Skoda Kodiaq was highly rated by the UK magazine TopGear, even up to the level of big names like Toyota Yaris GR, Honda e, Audi RS6 or Porsche Taycan. Skoda Kodiaq is a 7-seater SUV for families with a very reasonable price, a compact space, smart design, and premium materials. Especially safety and reliability, inherited from the VW MQB chassis platform from Germany – the leading industrial platform in Europe.

Then time passed, while all the competitors in the same segment and even the lower segment of Skoda Kodiaq have been strongly upgraded with electric or even pure electric versions according to the general trend; Kodiaq seems to still be stuck with small upgrades. However, until now, Skoda Kodiaq 2023 is still a very worth-owning car.

For those who want to enjoy the “European value” such as the chassis, engine, or premium interior… but at the same time want to be low-key and not show off “Audi – Mercedes – BMW”; then Skoda is a brand that couldn’t be more suitable. The exterior design of Kodiaq has a masculine square look commonly seen on VW models. The lines are modern and friendly, but not flashy or extravagant.

On the 2023 version, Skoda Kodiaq still owns the VW MQB chassis system according to the standards of the Volkswagen parent company. In the European market, the car is equipped with 5 different engine options. First, the 1.5L petrol engine with 150 HP output and 250 Nm of torque; the option of a 2.0L petrol engine with a power of 190 HP and can go up to 250 HP on the vRS sports version with a 2.0L turbocharged engine.

As for the 2.0L diesel engine option, Skoda Kodiaq can produce up to 150 HP and 361 Nm of torque; or 200 HP thanks to the 2.0L turbocharged diesel engine. All engines on Skoda Kodiaq come from the reputable Volkswagen Group. However, Skoda Kodiaq does not have any electric version – a rather strange move compared to the current trend of global automotive industry development.

The car is also available with full options including: front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive; automatic or manual transmission. On the highest version, Skoda Kodiaq can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just under 8 seconds. This figure will surely not disappoint those who like to drive in a sporty and exciting style. The reputable VW DSG gearbox will certainly not disappoint you if you want to shift manually.

For a mid-size SUV, the weight of only 1.5 tons seems quite light. However, the car does not give a loose feeling. On the contrary, Skoda Kodiaq responds quite quickly and flexibly to every steering and throttle operation of the driver. Sitting in the driver’s seat, the driver will feel confident, truly in control of the vehicle in a gentle and agile manner; regardless of the size of a 7-seater SUV.

The general noise insulation ability is acceptable, but there is still wind noise due to the relatively large size of the rearview mirror. However, passengers can comfortably go on long journeys without feeling car sick. The third row of seats is only really suitable for children under 1.5m tall.

The interior of Skoda Kodiaq is a harmonious blend of Audi’s elegance, but somewhere still showing the powerful muscle-like American style. The central control cluster, gear lever… all inherit the common details of VW. The display interface on the two screens is sharp and minimalist. The cabin surroundings are covered in premium materials, well-finished and solid. In particular, the 2-spoke steering wheel is quite beautiful and youthful.

The price for a Skoda Kodiaq in the UK market ranges from £33,845 – £48,075 (equivalent to 1 – 1.4 billion VND). The Skoda Kodiaq version voted most worth buying by TopGear is the 1.5 TSI SE L Executive 5dr DSG 7-seater – priced at £34,865.

In summary, Skoda Kodiaq is a very suitable family car in the price range of 1 – 1.5 billion VND. The car possesses the chassis – engine – gearbox system of the reputable VW Group, providing solid yet flexible and safe operation. The modern and friendly design is not flashy. The interior space is not spacious, but sufficient, with premium and user-friendly materials. The downside is that Kodiaq still does not have a hybrid version.

In Vietnam, many sources suggest that the Skoda brand will launch Kodiaq along with a range of products under the distribution of TC Motor this September. The car will initially be imported completely built-up and gradually move towards local assembly at the brand’s factory complex in Quang Ninh province.

Anh Phan (Tuoitrethudo)

Source: TopGear