Following the incident where a Hyundai Santa Fe caught fire while driving on My Dinh street on December 2nd, many people have expressed concerns about whether insurance will cover this situation or not?


According to information from an insurance advisor, if the vehicle has purchased comprehensive insurance, the insurance company will make the payment.

In the comprehensive insurance contract, the commitments of both parties have provisions regarding the benefits that customers will receive in case their vehicle encounters a fire or explosion. 

If such an incident occurs, the insurance company will proceed with verification. If it is not an intentional act causing damage by the vehicle owner/insured person/driver, and related parties, the insurance company will compensate according to the terms of the contract.

In addition, if at the time the vehicle suffers damage (fire or explosion), it does not have a valid inspection certificate or the inspection certificate is no longer valid, not consistent with the current legal regulations, the insurance will be denied.

According to automotive technical experts, there are many reasons why a car can catch fire or explode while driving on the road. These can include fuel leakage, electrical system failure, poor fuel quality, or the engine overheating… Therefore, complying with the manufacturer’s regulations and maintaining the vehicle properly will make it safer.

TH (Tuoitrethudo)

Photo: Hanoi