Honda takes the lead with the innovative eSP intelligent engine generation

How have the technological advancements in Honda's eSP intelligent thinking engine upgraded their scooter range to become a superior generation of smart vehicles in the Vietnamese market?


Decoding the new generation Honda eSP smart engine

The introduction of the eSP (enhanced Smart Power) engine can be considered a breakthrough for Honda in upgrading its scooter models. Since its inception, the intelligent eSP engine has quickly attracted the attention of experts in the automotive industry thanks to its integration of many superior technologies.

Until the recent launch of the 2014 VISION with the eSP engine in October, the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturer has marked a new milestone: applying the new eSP engine across all of its scooters in Vietnam, completing a generation of intelligent scooters and reinforcing the company’s leading position in technology in the market.

New generation Honda VISION with the intelligent eSP engine has received high praise in its recent launch.Honda VISION new generation with the intelligent eSP engine has been highly praised in its recent launch.

In car and motorcycle forums, the eSP engine is often compared to an intelligent “brain” that provides optimal operation for Honda scooters thanks to its integration of cutting-edge technologies.

First and foremost, the Programmed Fuel Injection system (PGM-FI) calculates the required amount of air and fuel for the engine based on different terrains, improving engine operation, saving fuel, reducing emissions, and protecting the environment and health. Even when the vehicle is left unused or in extremely cold weather, users can easily start the engine.

Most notably, the eSP features the Idle-stop system. This is considered a new breakthrough in motorcycle technology with its ability to efficiently save fuel and be environmentally friendly by automatically shutting off the engine temporarily when the vehicle stops for more than 3 seconds. The engine will be smoothly restarted when the rider accelerates without the need to press the start button. This feature has also gained popularity in the Vietnamese market due to its interesting and effective performance in congested traffic during peak hours.

The eSP also excels in the Integrated Starter Generator (ACG) engine. This technology allows for a smooth and quiet start-up thanks to the integration of the starting and generating systems, minimizing the use of drive links and enabling fuel savings through intelligent electronic mechanisms. As a result, restarting the engine after it has been turned off becomes easier and smoother.

Top 3 noteworthy technology points of the Honda eSP intelligent engine.The top 3 highly rated technology points of the Honda eSP intelligent engine.

Experience and own cutting-edge technology

As of now, the intelligent eSP engine has been applied to all Honda scooter models, including Sh, PCX, Sh mode, Air Blade, LEAD, and VISION. This significantly enhances fuel efficiency, powerful performance, durability, and smoothness for these models. Furthermore, Honda’s valuable technological advancements partly demonstrate the company’s success in aiming for the most practical benefits to maximize user satisfaction.

Honda users will have the opportunity to experience the intelligent eSP engine at a major event organized by Honda Vietnam at the end of January 2015.Users will have the opportunity to experience the intelligent eSP engine at a major event organized by Honda Vietnam at the end of January 2015.

To provide opportunities for Vietnamese users to learn about and experience the superior features of the intelligent eSP engine, Honda Vietnam has undertaken interactive multimedia activities. Users can visit the Honda website to explore the details of the intelligent eSP engine and look forward to upcoming surprise programs.

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Trung Nguyên (TTTD)