In the Lexus RX 500h 2023, there exist two polar opposites that are very difficult to coexist in the world of cars: smooth yet sharp; luxurious yet sporty; smooth and powerful. The crossover is the strongest evidence of the ability of the Japanese: to optimize to perfection what is already very good.

In just about 5 years since its debut in 1998, Lexus RX quickly reached sales figures in the six digits every year. According to statistics, this is the best-selling luxury crossover in the world – and at the same time, the “golden egg-laying hen” of Lexus. For example, in 2022, according to Motor1, more than 82,000 Lexus RXs were delivered to customers, surpassing the sales of the BMW X3 and GLC by over 20%.

Entering the Vietnamese market since 2013, the all-new 5th generation Lexus RX 2023 has just been launched, marking the 10-year glorious development of the Japanese luxury brand on the S-shaped land.
In the 5th generation product line just launched, Lexus RX has a significant increase in overall size (LxWxH: 4,890 x 1,920 x 1,695 mm). Especially, the wheelbase dimension has increased by 60mm compared to the predecessor generation, bringing the rear seat occupants superior legroom of up to 1,010mm; at the same time, the body height has been reduced to significantly improve the driving experience.
According to the assessment of Mr. Vu Ngoc Son – Chairman of Vũ Sơn Kitchen Appliances chain – the value of Lexus cars lies in their durability and reliability over the years. Lexus cars always bring owners luxury, a sense of safe driving, smooth driving experience, and extremely reasonable operating costs. That is also the reason why Mr. Son has trusted, loved, and stuck with the Lexus brand for nearly a decade, previously RX and now the GX and LX pair.
Regarding the 2023 Lexus RX 500h F Sport Performance, Mr. Son really appreciates the aesthetic aspect of the car. The 5th generation brings the Japanese luxury crossover a very strong, modern, youthful, and impressive appearance – close to futuristic electric car models.
From the front, the body, to the rear, every corner of the 2023 Lexus RX is carefully calculated to become “beautiful in every angle” in the eyes of consumers. Highlight details such as the sophisticated LED headlight pair, frameless radiator grille like an electric car, sporty matte black 21-inch wheels, sleek rear wheels forming graceful side curves, and especially the tail with a “flying wing” touch like a spaceship, combined with the attractive integral LED taillights.
According to Mr. Vu Son, luxury is a traditional value that Lexus has always maintained over time, and with the 2023 RX 500h F Sport Performance, it remains the same. The car welcomes its customers with a luxurious interior that is also very delicate, youthful, and sporty. The racing-style seats are covered in smooth leather with red-black Alcantara accents, the door trims have an Origami-style folding scale shape, with a sporty F Sport steering wheel and pedals… – every small detail present on the car is the crystallization of tens of thousands of hours of labor by the hands of master craftsmen, Takumi.
Mr. Vu Son shares that the Lexus RX has always been considered a “second home” on long journeys by the whole family; because the experience of every passenger on the car is always highly valued. In the rear passenger position, Lexus RX 2023 always ensures the most spacious and comfortable space, with a panoramic sunroof, independent automatic air conditioning system with Nanoe air purification feature, and a premium 21-speaker audio system from the well-known Mark Levinson brand.
In the front passenger seat position, passengers will have access to a 14-inch entertainment information screen with integrated wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, wireless charging. Especially, the air conditioning control knob is placed on the screen itself, with the ability to visually display the temperature and airflow; as well as ensuring that adjustment operations are easy, quick, and convenient.
The 2023 Lexus RX’s interior has been completely different from before thanks to the modern technologies added by Lexus to the car. The driver’s seat position on the Lexus RX 500h is designed very special, it is the center where all the essence of the car converges. Four display zones (rearview mirror with integrated display, head-up display on the windshield, meter cluster screen behind the steering wheel, and center screen) are arranged in the most scientific way; so that the driver can always place their hands on the steering wheel, eyes on the road, and still intuitively control all the features inside the car – according to the true Zen principle of the Tazuna held by ancient Japanese samurai.
Completely different from the previous generation, the Lexus RX 500h F Sport Performance 2023 can truly provide a driving experience that is as sharp as the steering wheel in the hands of the driver, a new GA-K frame chassis with solid rigidity, and immediate acceleration after every deep step on the accelerator pedal that makes passengers “stick to their seats”. The completely different driving experience from the old generation RX made Mr. Vu Son exclaim in surprise “Wow! It feels really new!” when he first tested the Lexus RX 500h F Sport Performance in sport mode. This car can completely erase the stereotype that Asian cars have an unexciting driving experience compared to American cars. It even surpasses Q5 and GLC and is close to X5.
After a few accelerations, turning the steering wheel, Mr. Vu Son was delighted and applauded, affirming “Extreme fun feeling! I didn’t expect Lexus to change that much.” To bring the lively driving experience, Japanese engineers have equipped the Lexus RX 500h with a highly advanced and powerful parallel hybrid drive system (up to 366 horsepower, 460Nm). This system includes a gasoline-electric hybrid powertrain at the front; accompanied by a high-powered electric motor at the rear axle.
In addition to the all-wheel drive capability, the car is also equipped with a rear-wheel steering system; more flexible at low speeds in tight urban areas, and more stable at high speeds. Along with that is an adaptive suspension system, combined with VDIM dynamic management solution, allowing the Lexus RX 500h to continuously adjust the vehicle’s movement trajectory to be in the most stable and smooth state.

On the other hand, in addition to the exciting driving dynamics, Lexus RX 2023 still always ensures a smooth, smooth, and quiet driving experience, creating comfort for passengers sitting in the car during daily operation. According to Mr. Vu Son, although it brings an exciting “seat-sticking” feeling, the acceleration of the new Lexus RX is still very smooth and uniform. It seems easy to say, but balancing between sportiness and comfort, excitement and comfort are two opposite extremes that are very difficult to reconcile in the luxury car world. Lexus does not hesitate to try, and the 5th generation RX is the most successful proof!

With a reference price starting from 4 billion VND, Lexus RX 500h F Sport Performance 2023 is truly a comprehensive upgrade, bringing outstanding differences and enhancing the product experience to a new level. It proves the Kaizen spirit of the Japanese: constantly striving to improve what is already extremely good. Surely this will be a highly successful product generation in terms of business, maintaining the “trump card” position in the Lexus family.
Mr. Phan (Tuoitrethudo)