Revolutionary Partnership: Honda and Piaggio Introduce Car Accessories for Vietnamese Scooters

Smart Key, ABS brakes - modern technologies previously only found in cars are now equipped by Honda and Piaggio Vietnam on their scooters.


Smart Key on Honda SH

In mid-September, Honda Vietnam introduced the new version of the SH 125/150i with significant improvements, especially in technology with the Smart Key system, which is equipped for the first time on motorcycles produced in Vietnam.

Honda, Piaggio “lắp” đồ ôtô cho xe tay ga Việt Honda SH (6).jpg

The Smart Key system consists of 5 components: the FOB control device, smart key cluster, smart key control module, central processing unit, and emergency connector. This smart key system operates by comparing the confirmation code (ID) between the FOB input device – smart key control module – central processing unit of the motorcycle.

With this smart key technology, users can minimize the risk of forced entry into the lock to steal the motorcycle. Furthermore, thanks to the special mechanism of the electric lock button, even if someone tries to twist it to unlock, the lock will only rotate.

Honda, Piaggio “lắp” đồ ôtô cho xe tay ga Việt Honda-SH-(1).jpg Honda, Piaggio “lắp” đồ ôtô cho xe tay ga Việt Honda SH (5).jpg

Also with this system, there will be no more starting the engine by directly connecting wires together. In addition, there will be an additional alarm button on the key, when activated, if your motorcycle is tampered with or gets stolen, the system will immediately emit a loud sound to alert its owner.

The last convenient feature that is highly appreciated is the ability to illuminate and emit sound to help users find their motorcycle in crowded parking lots. This function is also integrated into the smart key you carry.

The new version of Honda SH 125/150i, in addition to integrating the smart key technology, is equipped with 2 new stylish and modern colors: blue-black and green-black. Compared to the old version, the new generation will have a slightly higher price at VND 66,990,000 for SH 125i and VND 80,990,000 for SH 150i.

ABS Brake on Piaggio Liberty

The anti-lock brake system (ABS) used to be equipped only on cars, motorcycles or large-sized scooters. Now, Piaggio Vietnam has introduced this useful safety system on a popular scooter model like Liberty.

Honda, Piaggio “lắp” đồ ôtô cho xe tay ga Việt Piaggio_Liberty_ABS (1).jpg

This is considered a necessary step by Piaggio as competing motorcycle manufacturers have been introducing new scooters and many upgraded versions in the Vietnamese market.

Introducing the ABS system into the Liberty is also a proper move by Piaggio to ensure the safety of riders. This braking system is developed by the Italian brand in conjunction with BOSCH.

The ABS system prevents the front wheel from locking in case of sudden braking or slippery road conditions. This is also an important step in ensuring active safety of motorcycles and it is the first time used on a scooter produced in Vietnam.

Honda, Piaggio “lắp” đồ ôtô cho xe tay ga Việt Piaggio_Liberty_ABS (14)-1.jpg

The braking system of the Liberty ABS version is meticulously crafted, including a front disc brake with a diameter of 240 mm, Nissin pistons, and a rear drum brake with a diameter of 140 mm.

In addition, the new Liberty is equipped with a dual-brake cable system, ensuring that the throttle can always be closed mechanically, an inclination sensor to immediately shut off the engine when the motorcycle falls, and a side kickstand with an anti-starting system.

The Liberty ABS was just launched yesterday (October 7th). The scooter includes 2 versions: the standard version (priced at VND 55.5 million) and the sport version (VND 56.5 million).

Khanh An (TTTD)