Right after the debut of the Ford Everest SUV, its younger brother, the Ford Ranger, also took the opportunity to unveil a completely new version, promising to continue dominating the pickup truck segment in Vietnam.

Although the delivery of the brand new “king of pickup trucks” Ford Ranger is scheduled for the end of September 2022, it has already made its appearance in Vietnam with prices ranging from 659 to 965 million dong for 6 different versions with various equipment packages. This is the most anticipated and attention-grabbing model in its segment due to its consistently dominant sales figures.

Not only sharing the same platform and engine with the Everest, Ford Ranger also shares many details with its SUV counterpart. The most notable feature is the completely new and modern front design. Both models share the same sturdy and confident body structure.

The most distinctive feature of both the Everest and the new Ranger is the LED daytime running lights in the shape of a C, which wrap around the sides of the front of the car. This is also the design DNA that the duo shares with other Ford models around the world.

On the top-of-the-line Wild Track variant, Ford Ranger 2022 uses a Matrix LED lighting system, similar to the Everest. The “Performance LED” intelligent lighting technology features automatic on/off, angle adjustment, beam assistance, and intensity adjustment to prevent dazzling oncoming drivers.

The XLT version of the Ford Ranger uses LED headlights. All other versions only use regular halogen filament headlights.

All versions of the Ford Ranger 2022 feature a two-tier grille design with a double chrome strip running along the front of the car. The grille design has either a broken line pattern or a honeycomb pattern that creates a sense of prestige and modernity. The color of the front bumper trim depends on the version and varies according to the color of the body (or matches the body color).

On the top-of-the-line variant, Ford Ranger Wildtrack 2022 is equipped with the GoodYear Wrangler tires in size 255/65R18, accompanied by a solid dual 5-spoke aluminum alloy wheel. The lower variants only use 255/70 tires with 16-17 inch wheels.

The wheel arches are covered with anti-scratch plastic. The car is also equipped with standard step boards for all versions. The roof rails and rear cargo bar are pre-installed for the Wildtrack version. Additionally, the side steps behind the rear wheels cannot be overlooked. These details demonstrate Ford Ranger’s user-friendly design.

The rear of the car also features some differences in the rear bumper and brake light system between different versions. The Wildtrack version is equipped with rear radar blind spot warning lights built into the taillights, along with other sensors around the car.

This version is also equipped with the most advanced safety systems, including the 360 camera, blind spot warning on mirrors, and front radar. The lower versions of the new Ranger only have a reverse camera (except for the base XL version) and are not equipped with smart driving assistance features.

Stepping inside the cabin, the Ford Ranger continues to prove itself as the “pickup version of the Everest” with almost all the details on the dashboard and central control area sharing the same design as its SUV counterpart.

The most prominent feature is the vertically mounted 12-inch display, which provides an aesthetic experience similar to placing an iPad Pro in the center of the car, creating a modern and highly impressive feeling. Even on the lower versions, the car still uses a vertically oriented 10-inch infotainment screen, which is also very impressive.

Another remarkable detail is the digital information display positioned behind the steering wheel, featuring an 8-inch screen as standard for all versions. This is a feature that surely leaves competitors of the Ranger shaking their heads, especially on the lower versions. In addition, the modern Sync4 connectivity technology is also standard equipment for the vehicle.

Another very pleasing detail is the four rectangular air vents, which are large and feature sleek wave patterns, providing a strong and masculine look for the Ranger. The angular design details are repeated in many other positions, such as the door trims, glove compartment, and dashboard trim, creating a harmonious design both inside and outside the car.

Moreover, another user-friendly detail is the door handles now integrated with door openers. This means that passengers no longer have to waste time and effort searching for the handle to open the door, especially for new passengers or when opening the door quickly in low-light conditions.

On the top-of-the-line Wildtrack variant, Ford Ranger 2022 is equipped with vinyl seats with the traditional orange stitching and the embroidered logo of the variant on the seat back. This version also features dual-zone automatic air conditioning, auto-dimming mirrors, electronic parking brake, wireless phone charging, keyless entry, drive mode adjustment button, terrain mode support button, and rear seat power outlets. The lower versions use manual air conditioning, cloth seats, “basic” auto-dimming mirrors, manual parking brake, USB and type-C charging ports for both rows of seats, and mechanical keys.

In terms of performance, the Ford Ranger 2022 uses a 2.0L Bi Turbo diesel engine on the top-of-the-line WildTrack variant, delivering a maximum power output of 210 horsepower and a maximum torque of 500 Nm that can be achieved from an early engine speed – 1,750 rpm. On the other hand, the remaining versions of the popular pickup truck are equipped with a 2.0L Turbo diesel engine, delivering 170 horsepower and 405 Nm of torque.

Alongside the two engine options are a 10-speed automatic transmission for the top-of-the-line Wildtrack version, a 6-speed automatic transmission for the lower versions, and a 6-speed manual transmission for the remaining versions. The 4×4 versions are also equipped with an electronic shift-on-the-fly button.

Underneath the car, the Ford Ranger is also equipped with an exhaust gas filtering system to meet the latest EURO5 emissions standard imposed by the government. This is an area where the Ranger is “ahead” of its older brother, the Everest, as the SUV model from Ford requires the latest AdBlue additive to meet this emissions standard.

With prices ranging from 659 to 965 million dong for 6 versions and 8 color options, Ford Ranger is expected to continue its reign as the “king” of pickup trucks in Vietnam for many years to come. Alongside the Everest, the Ranger is paving the way for the return of the Ford Territory to the mid-size SUV segment, replacing the long-lost off-road phenomenon, the Escape.

Anh Phan (Tuoitrethudo)