With the Matrix LED lighting system, Automatic Park Assist 2.0, advanced safety features, and other modern equipment; Ford Everest 2023 is far ahead of its competitors in terms of technology.

From traditional halogen bulbs, the Vietnamese car market has gradually upgraded to projector halogen headlights. Then, LED technology started to appear and become popular; followed by LED projector technology on many mainstream models.

However, equipping a mainstream model with matrix headlights is pioneering and leading the market, and Ford Everest 2023 is the name that does it. Previously, matrix headlights were only found on luxury models with exorbitant prices, and they were often optional add-ons – not available as standard.

Currently, in the Vietnamese market, intelligent lighting systems are available on the top-end versions of most D-segment SUV models such as Hyundai Santa Fe, Kia Sorento, Mazda CX-8; even the “change-resistant” Toyota Fortuner has this feature. Only two Japanese models, the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and Isuzu MU-X, are not included in the technology trend.

Even with the modern models mentioned above, manufacturers only equip their products with LED headlights that have the ability to recognize oncoming or opposite vehicles and adjust the beam to avoid dazzling other road users.

However, when the car’s headlights are lowered, the light beam will no longer provide optimal visibility for the driver. And this is where the Ford Everest 2023 comes into play. Equipped with matrix LED headlights, the car reduces the intensity of light in areas that can cause glare while maintaining the long-range beam of the headlights in other areas.

In other words, when encountering another vehicle, the Ford Everest will not switch to low beam; instead, it will maintain the high beam while reducing the intensity of light in specific areas to avoid dazzling other road users. This way, the driver can still ensure safe observation and control of the car.

It is likely that in the future, similar to halogen, LED, and LED headlights, matrix headlights will gradually become popular for D-segment SUV models. But for now, only users of the Ford Everest 2023 can enjoy this “superb” feature.

In addition, the vehicle’s matrix LED headlights are also integrated with automatic on/off sensors, beam angle adjustment, and automatic cornering lights – to assist with lighting when turning.

Similarly to matrix headlights, the Ford Everest 2023 is the first mainstream SUV in the Vietnamese market to be equipped with automatic parking assist – leading the segment in terms of technology – making it more convenient for users.

In reality, parking assist features have been available on many models for a long time. For Ford, this has been considered as a “specialty” and has been present on many of the brand’s products for decades. However, it was not until the Ford Everest 2023 that this feature could be truly understood as “automatic parking assist.”

On previous generation models, users still had to manipulate the gear shifter (switching between drive mode D – and reverse mode R), or even press the accelerator and brake to participate in the parking process. Meanwhile, the car would only assist with steering for the driver. However, on the new generation, users only need to use a single “Park Aid” button and let the Everest handle the rest, from steering, shifting gears to controlling acceleration and braking.

All thanks to the Ford Everest’s adoption of electronic shift-by-wire technology. Along with electric power steering, the second-generation Automated Park Assist system allows the car to intervene in all parking operations. Users simply need to hold the Park Aid button to let the car take over, or release it to cancel the automatic parking if they feel unsafe.

Furthermore, along with the intelligent matrix lighting system, the all-new Ford Everest is also equipped with advanced active safety features – not inferior to any of its competitors in the same segment. These features include:

Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control with speed limit Lim Speed;

Blind spot warning combined with cross-traffic alert;

Lane departure warning and lane-keeping assist;

Collision warning and avoidance assist – both front and rear;

In addition, to maximize driver support, enhance comfort, and ensure safety, the Ford Everest 2023 is equipped with various other modern features such as a 360-degree camera system, tire pressure monitoring, hill descent control, hill start assist, electronic parking brake with auto hold, automatic rain-sensing wipers, auto-dimming mirrors, etc.

In terms of performance, to leverage the power of the 2.0L Bi-turbo diesel engine coupled with a 10-speed automatic transmission and a 2WD system; the Ford Everest is equipped with the convenient Electronic Shift on the Fly dial, allowing the driver to switch between 2WD and 4WD modes even while the vehicle is in motion.

Furthermore, to maximize its off-road capabilities, the Ford Everest 2023 allows the driver to choose from 6 different driving modes, including: Eco, Normal, Tow, Slippery, Mud, and Sand.

Not only does it receive optimal support in terms of performance, but passengers on the Ford Everest 2023 are also well taken care of, with a wide range of luxurious and convenient amenities. First and foremost are the two screens, an 8-inch driver instrument cluster and a 12-inch central touchscreen; equipped with the SYNC 4 system that displays all the car’s operational parameters in the most intuitive way.

The central infotainment screen on the new Everest is placed vertically and comes with the latest advanced technologies, such as wireless charging, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, Type-C / USB / 12V ports, etc.

In addition, to integrate with the dynamic and busy 4.0 lifestyle, the Ford Everest also comes with the FordPass app for smartphones. Through this app, users can remotely start the vehicle – to turn on the air conditioning before getting in the car; lock/unlock the car remotely and locate the car.

Moreover, Ford Vietnam also introduces a range of attractive after-sales services for Everest owners in particular and Ford vehicles in general, including: 24/7 roadside assistance, mobile repairs, door-to-door vehicle delivery and pick-up (during servicing), pre-consultation on service prices before bringing the car to the dealer, etc.

In summary, it can be seen that the Ford Everest 2023 is not only a comprehensive “makeover” version; it is also a leading model in terms of technology, helping drivers operate their vehicles more safely and enhancing the experience for passengers. In addition, owners can enjoy the most convenient and quick after-sales services.

Anh Phan (Tuoitrethudo)