Recently, the research team at Recurrent Auto conducted a survey on 6,300 Tesla Model 3 cars in the US and found that the battery of the Tesla Model 3 still maintains about 90% capacity after 5 years of use.

Surprisingly, Youtuber Andy Slye’s Tesla Model 3 still retains up to 95% battery capacity after continuous use for 5 years. The car now has an odometer reading of about 217,260 km, but the battery is still not showing any signs of degradation.

Andy Slye also shared two secrets to maintain the durability of the battery.

Firstly, he mostly uses regular charging for the car and limits fast charging, even though he has over 3.2 million km of free fast charging at Supercharger stations.

However, many studies have shown that regular charging or fast charging does not significantly affect the lifespan of electric car batteries. As long as users limit fast charging when the battery is too low or too full, because the resistance at these two states is high and can lead to faster battery degradation.

The second secret is that Andy Slye usually charges the car to only 80% battery level. Not charging the battery to maximum 100% helps extend its lifespan. This is a recommendation that many research organizations have pointed out.

However, many car owners often disregard this issue and leave their cars plugged in overnight, fully charging the battery to 100%.

Source: Tuoitrethudo