An English engineering company has doubled the power of the Ford Ranger by adding an electric motor and a six-wheel drive system.

Manufactured by the UK company Ricardo – also a manufacturer of engines for McLaren supercars – the Ranger HEX is designed for off-road and heavy-duty transportation with a 6×6 drive system and a powerful plug-in hybrid engine.

This drivetrain system includes a 3.0-liter V6 diesel engine with 249 horsepower combined with a strong electric motor of 282 horsepower produced by Ricardo, bringing the total power of the vehicle to 531 horsepower.

The electric motor is powered by a rechargeable battery that can be recharged through regenerative braking or a domestic power outlet with different capacities depending on the customer’s requirements.

Equipped with an electric motor system and a new chassis, the Ranger HEX is significantly heavier than the original. Ricardo stated that the modified vehicle weighs up to 3,800kg – about 1 tonne heavier than the diesel V6-powered Ranger Wildtrak. To meet the load capacity, the rear beam axle and standard leaf springs of the Ranger have been replaced with a stiffer De Dion axle system.

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Reference: Motor1