Hong Qi L5 2023 is a 4-door sedan but with a design similar to limousines. Positioned in the luxury segment, the car has a relatively high price, but perhaps few would think that the Hong Qi L5 2023 is priced at 5 million NDT, equivalent to 680,000 USD (~16.2 billion VND).

Recently, Hong Qi L5 2023 has been granted commercial production license by the Chinese Government. This luxury 4-door sedan was first introduced in April this year through the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show held in China.

Previously, Hong Qi was a car brand specialized in providing internal cars for government officials, but later the brand’s models have been widely available to consumers. Hong Qi L5 was originally designed to serve the needs of high-ranking Chinese officials, but now anyone can own the new generation Hong Qi L5 if they are willing to spend 5 million NDT, equivalent to 680,000 USD (~16.2 billion VND). At this price, Chinese users can completely buy a Rolls-Royce Ghost 2023 available in the country.

Hong Qi L5 2023 is distributed in a total of 3 variants. Firstly, the H series, targeting the mid to high-end market segment. The second is the Q series, designed for corporate customers. And finally, the L series, including the most luxurious cars for government officials and especially accessible to people in the business world.

Hong Qi L5 2023 has dimensions of 5980mm in length, 2090mm in width, 1710mm in height and a wheelbase of 3730mm. These dimensions are 411mm longer, 19mm narrower and 20mm taller than the Mercedes-Benz Maybach S-Class Z223. Therefore, the L5 is truly a large monster. Its curb weight is 3150kg, and the total weight is 3550kg.

Regarding the design, the new generation of Hong Qi L5 has a more luxurious and modern design but overall still retains the familiar classic style. The headlights still have a round shape like the old generation, and even the headlight covers have no innovation. Except for the bulbs and the surrounding LED strips have been upgraded to matrix LED lights. The “face” of the Hong Qi L5 2023 gives a noticeably “thicker” feeling because the radiator grille is much larger with 18 vertical bars extending down close to the front air intakes.

The next notable change on the Hong Qi L5 2023 is the center air intake, no longer divided into 3 parts like the previous generation. Instead, the front air intake is extended across the entire width of the car’s front end and integrates the daylight running LED strip. Finally, the Hong Qi logo is located in the middle of the radiator grille and has been modified to look similar to the “flying lady” logo of Rolls-Royce.

Looking at the side of the car, the Hong Qi L5 2023 seems to have no much change. However, the car body has been elongated, especially the rear space, evidenced by the longer rear window compared to the previous model. Thus, the new generation of Hong Qi L5 promises to bring a very spacious interior space.

The Hong Qi L5 2023 does not follow the design trend of current car brands but still chooses the old design style, using traditional door handles instead of hidden ones. The car is equipped with double-spoke wheels, and the design of the wheels is reminiscent of the British luxury car Bentley Azure. At the rear, the Hong Qi L5 2023 impresses with the vertically positioned taillights, extended to the trunk. The exhaust pipes of the car have also been modified.

Entering the cabin, Hong Qi L5 2023 has a unique interior style. The most outstanding is the double translucent screen, the wood veneer decoration is still retained on the car, but all physical buttons are concentrated in the central shift area.

The spacious seating system with a color scheme that bears the distinctive Chinese style. The rear seats have been optimized into 2 independent seats that can adjust the backrest and the forward-backward angle of the seats. In the center, there is a large armrest, which can control the air conditioning and multimedia system of the car.

Regarding propulsion, the Hong Qi L5 2023 uses a 4-liter V8 CA8GV40T-03 engine with a capacity of 387 horsepower. The L5’s top speed reaches 220 km/h.

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