Recently, Waterjet Channel has uploaded a nearly 9-minute video sharing the “internal examination” process of the Veyron’s wheels to explore the differences of this equipment.

Bugatti Veyron, with a price of around 1.4 million USD, comes with all the components that make up this megacar, all of which have a “terrifyingly” expensive price. Let’s start with one of the most expensive parts, the fuel tank. If for any reason Bugatti Veyron owners need to replace the fuel tank, they will have to spend a total of up to 43,080 USD (around 990 million VND), including 20,349 USD (around 467 million VND) for a new fuel tank and 22,731 USD (around 523 million VND) for installation and repair. This total amount is almost equal to the value of a brand new Mercedes-AMG A35.

The wheels on the Veyron are also a part that makes the owners “ache” every time they need to replace them. Accordingly, depending on the supplier, a Bugatti wheel made of aluminum can cost from 10,000 – 40,000 USD (around 230 – 920 million VND).

Recently, Waterjet Channel – a YouTube channel about science – has uploaded a nearly 9-minute video sharing the process of “dissecting” the Veyron’s wheels to explore the differences of this equipment.

Appearing in Waterjet’s video is a set of wheels and tires that have been replaced when they exceeded their service life. According to Bugatti’s recommendation, owners need to replace the tires every 5 years regardless of the amount of use. These tires have been used since 2016, so they have exceeded their service life.

Waterjet has cut open the Bugatti Veyron wheel and stated that it still looks quite new to the naked eye. One of the special features of Bugatti wheels is that they have an inner ring to support the outer tire in case of tire blowout. In addition, the rims and tires of the car models produced by Bugatti are fixed together with a special adhesive layer. Due to such specific structure, Bugatti only allows each wheel to be replaced twice before it must be replaced with a new one to ensure that the wheel and tire are always in the best condition.

For each maintenance session, Bugatti will use X-rays to examine any damage on the wheels. The tested wheel seems to have a crack somewhere leading to its disposal.

Waterjet Channel stated that the total value of the wheels and tires is around 35,000 USD (around 805 million VND) when new, with the wheel alone costing 25,000 USD (around 575 million VND).

Thai Son (Tuoitrethudo)

Reference: Motor1