According to a recent survey, nearly 50% of electric vehicle users want to switch back to using traditional combustion engine cars.

S&P Global Mobility recently revealed that the loyalty rate of regular electric car households is currently 52.1% (as of July 2023). This number is significantly lower than the 81% rate in 2021.

Concerns regarding the price, infrastructure, and operating range of electric vehicles are reasons why many users decide to switch back to using gasoline or hybrid cars.

Research shows that 63.2% of Nissan EV owners will buy another EV as their next vehicle.

When considering individual car models, S&P Global Mobility states that 37.3% of households currently using the Ford Mustang Mach-E still choose electric cars.

Meanwhile, 45.8% of users will choose a gasoline-powered vehicle as their next vehicle. Specifically, users will choose other Ford truck and SUV models with gasoline engines or hybrid drivetrains.

Additionally, statistics also show that around 60.7% of Chevrolet Bolt owners will switch to other electric car models, without choosing Chevrolet SUVs or trucks.

For luxury brands, data shows an increasing trend of user loyalty. Specifically, around 56.6% of Mercedes-Benz electric car buyers will remain loyal to this type of vehicle, a significant increase from 24.3% in Q2 2020.

Loyalty rates for Jaguar EV increased from 25% to 56.5%; Audi increased from 25.5% to 50.1%; Porsche increased from 23.3% to 36.8%; and Tesla increased from 51.8% to 76.7%.

On the other hand, loyalty rates among BMW electric vehicle users decreased from 46.6% to 45.9%.

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