Recently, OMODA has officially introduced its first electric car model – OMODA E5 at the Geneva International Motor Show in Doha, Qatar.
The car was developed based on the idea of innovation, sporty design, and smart technology, focusing on technology exploration with humans at the center.
During the event, OMODA designed a display area set in a futuristic and science-fiction context, where OMODA E5, a embodiment of aesthetics, combines perfectly with unique timeless characteristics.
The fastback style and dynamic body design create a sense of light movement, combined with LED headlights, 18-inch bright colored sporty rims, harmoniously blending light and darkness in an artistic way. OMODA E5 showcases future dynamism and has garnered widespread admiration from exhibition participants due to its unique design.
As OMODA’s first fully electric car model, a symbol of sustainable development, E5 is designed to provide consumers with an unmatched premium experience. The OMODA E5 driver’s compartment is not only visually impressive but also a distinctive design of the new generation of energy-efficient vehicles. With an integrated curved 24.6-inch screen, virtual assistant, voice-controlled system providing instant feedback, and the best driver support. OMODA E5 is equipped with 19 ADAS functions, ensuring safe and comfortable journeys for users.
In terms of driving experience, OMODA has a maximum operating range of up to 450 km, making it convenient for both daily commutes and long-distance trips. The car is equipped with a maximum torque of 340N·m, capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7.6 seconds, making its dynamic performance something to be expected.
In addition to OMODA E5, visitors to the Geneva International Motor Show in Doha can also admire classic OMODA 5 cars. These cars are highly regarded for their aesthetics and stylishness. At the brand launch event, OMODA also announced a strategic cooperation with Qatar University, sponsoring e-sport events, attracting young people, and promoting the user ecosystem “not limited to the car.”
Notably, OMODA E5 will be officially available in the Qatari market in early next year. The OMODA brand will continue to dominate the global market with international quality, turning ambitious imaginations of smart mobility into reality.
TH (Tuoitrethudo)