Recently, a serious accident occurred in San Francisco, USA, leaving a woman critically injured.

According to video from the dashcam of self-driving car Cruise, on the night of October 2nd, another car traveling in the same direction as the self-driving car collided with a woman who was crossing the intersection. The accident sent the victim flying onto the hood of the self-driving car and then falling off. The self-driving car then braked sharply to minimize the impact, however, the woman’s leg unfortunately got trapped under the wheel.

After receiving notification, the rescue team contacted Cruise to disable the car and used heavy-duty rescue tools to lift the self-driving car and remove the victim.

When the police arrived at the scene, the owner of the car that caused the accident had fled.

According to the spokesperson of the San Francisco Fire Department, the woman walking was seriously injured, with her life at risk if not promptly treated.

This accident has raised questions about the safety of self-driving cars. Although it did not directly cause the accident, the self-driving car indirectly caused harm to the woman.

In the case of a car with a human driver, the driver would know how to steer or move to minimize the woman’s injuries.

Previously, around August, Cruise’s self-driving car also caused a serious incident when about 10 self-driving taxis suddenly stopped in the middle of the road.

In December 2022, the US National Traffic Safety Administration also investigated Cruise’s cars due to a higher rate of sudden braking and sudden stopping.

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