On the occasion of its 120th anniversary, Harley-Davidson introduces the 120th Anniversary collection, which includes 6 limited edition motorcycle models. The collection consists of the Ultra Limited Anniversary (limited to 1,300 units worldwide), Heritage Classic 114 Anniversary (1,700 units), and Road Glide Special Anniversary (1,600 units) introduced in Vietnam.

The motorcycle models are represented through a special color combination inspired by early Harley-Davidson models. This color scheme is a unique combination of the sparkling Heirloom Red paint and the deep red Midnight Crimson color, which can change shades depending on the viewing angle. The models also feature elegant metallic gold accents.

All the fuel tanks of these models bear the 120th anniversary emblem in an Art Deco style, depicting an eagle. The motorcycle seats are adorned with red leather and embroidered Harley-Davidson logos in golden thread.

The collection also includes the Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic 114 Anniversary, priced from 1,049,000,000 VND. This model comes with the Boom Box GTS entertainment system, which includes a 6.5-inch touchscreen TFT display and Bluetooth connectivity with mobile devices. Furthermore, these motorcycles are equipped with advanced safety technologies such as ABS, C-ABS, ELB, DSCS, C-DSCS, TPMS, among others.

By Thanh Nhon (forum.autodaily.vn)
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