Review of the 2019 Honda CB300R: Beautiful Design, Reasonable Price

The brand-new Honda CB300R is now officially available in Vietnam at a price of 140 million VND. It is a newcomer in the 300cc naked-bike segment in the Vietnamese market, but it promises to bring many surprises.


Rivals of Honda CB300R 2019

The 300cc segment in general and the 300cc Naked-bike segment in particular are always very lively in the market. Before stepping into the big bike segment, many players choose 300cc 1-cylinder or 2-cylinder bikes to get acquainted with and have new experiences with motorcycles. In Vietnam, most popular motorcycle brands have products in this segment, but the most outstanding are still 3 brands: Yamaha, Honda, and Kawasaki.

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For Yamaha, the MT-03 model is currently being sold for 139 million VND, equivalent to the rival Honda CB300R. However, with a not really attractive design, until now, the Yamaha MT-03 has not left much impression on the Vietnamese market. At the moment, the king in this segment is the Kawasaki Z400, a bike that replaces the previously successful Z300. The Z400 is currently being sold for 149 million VND, 9 million VND higher than the Honda CB300R but has the advantage of a more powerful engine.

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Aside from the above-mentioned rivals, the mid-range Naked-Bike segment in Vietnam also has many other notable names such as the KTM 390 Duke priced at 165 million VND and the BMW G310R, the highest priced at 189 million VND. Therefore, it can be seen that the Honda model currently has the lowest price in the segment and has many opportunities to compete.

Impressive design

With its NeoSport Cafe design language, Honda’s naked-bike models have undergone a powerful transformation. Currently, there are 4 models that have applied this design language, including the CB150R, CB300R, CB650R, and the legendary CB1000R. Although they belong to many different segments, all of them have received extremely positive reactions from consumers.

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The distinctive features of this design language on the Honda CB300R are the round LED headlights at the front of the bike. The two-tier LED headlight cluster produces a very bright white light when riding on dark roads without streetlights, but it is often overshadowed when riding under the yellow streetlights. All 4 models that have applied this design language are equipped with almost identical round headlight clusters.

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Next is the detail of the plastic cover on both sides of the fuel tank combined with a simple decal and a name that is very similar to the older brother CB650R. The frame on the CB300R is also structurally similar to its siblings in the Naked-Bike family and they are all painted black. The fuel tank has a capacity of over 10 liters, with an external plastic cover and can be opened with a key. The engine is partially exposed.

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The Honda CB300R 2019 has dimensions of 2,020 x 805 x 1,050 (mm), an unloaded weight of 145 kg, and a seat height of 800 mm, suitable for people with a height of about 1.65 meters.

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The front wheel is equipped with 17-inch rims and 110/70 tires, while the rear wheel has 17-inch rims and 150/60 tires. The front braking system is a hydraulic disc with a diameter of 296 mm, equipped with standard ABS. The rear brake is also a hydraulic disc with a diameter of 220 mm.

The seat is designed in the style of Naked-bike with a high rear seat in the standard version. The fully electronic display screen provides information such as speed, revs, gears, fuel, odometer, or trip. Unfortunately, the display does not show the current gear number, only the N indicator.

The Honda CB300R 2019 is equipped with a 2-chamber exhaust system, designed to hug closely the front cylinder block of the engine and extend upwards and outwards at the rear. The exhaust pipe is meticulously chrome-plated with contrasting details against the matte black, creating a blend of modern and classic beauty for the bike.

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One of the highlights that helps highlight CB300R’s minimalist style is the unique frame structure made of tubular steel, combined with a rear box-shaped linkage using Honda’s exclusive pro-link technology. With this suspension system, when driving on rough and bumpy roads, the impact force on the rider is significantly minimized. This is especially useful when traveling long distances, avoiding back and knee fatigue.

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The great advantage of the Honda CB300R 2019 is certainly its design and reasonable price. The price of 140 million VND is considered the best in the segment at the moment and is a significant advantage to compete with rivals. In addition, with the NeoSport Cafe design style, which is currently very popular on the CB650R and CB1000R, it is not difficult for the CB300R 2019 to establish its position in the eyes of consumers. However, this segment currently has too many attractive options from well-known brands, so consumers will need to consider more carefully when choosing the bike that suits their style and preferences.

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