The Piaggio Medley is always compared to the popular Honda SH, both being premium large scooters in the Vietnamese market. Both are available in two engine options of 125cc and 150cc. However, the Medley is gradually establishing its position in the hearts of Vietnamese consumers.

Currently, the Medley is the most premium scooter in Piaggio’s lineup in Vietnam. It comes in three versions with the following prices:

Piaggio Medley 125cc: 75,000,000 VND

Piaggio Medley S 125cc: 79,000,000 VND

Piaggio Medley S 150cc: 93,900,000 VND

To evaluate the Piaggio Medley 2020, we will divide it into two parts: advantages and disadvantages based on our real-life experience with the Piaggio Medley 150 S ABS version, which is priced at 93.9 million VND, 3 million VND cheaper than its rival Honda SH 150 ABS 2020.


– Premium yet practical

The Piaggio Medley 2020 is a practical scooter, that’s what I felt after using this scooter for a few days. The spacious and comfortable storage compartment is a major advantage of the Piaggio Medley 2020. With a storage capacity of up to 36 liters, Medley can store as much as the Honda LEAD 125 (37 liters). I was able to fit a 3/4 helmet, a half helmet, a backpack with a 13-inch laptop, and some small items comfortably. The scooter also has a small storage tray on the front with a USB charging port.

– Modern technology

The new display screen is a notable feature on the Piaggio Medley 2020. Unlike the Honda SH, the Medley has a large, easy-to-read display screen, even under sunlight. The new LCD digital instrument panel allows you to quickly and easily access all the necessary information about your journey and the scooter’s operating status.

– Safety and comfort

The first impressive change when riding the Medley 2020 is its smooth and comfortable operation. The rear suspension of the 2020 Medley is softer and provides better shock absorption than before. It can be adjusted to 5 different positions for the most suitable setting. This improvement helps reduce the impact from the road surface when riding on rough roads, speed bumps, or potholes in urban areas. The improved footrest for the pillion rider compared to the previous version and other Piaggio and Vespa models is also a significant improvement. On the 2020 version, the pillion rider can easily swing or fold the footrest and the surface area is large enough so that the pillion rider’s feet do not touch the rider’s feet. This is a feature that users have been looking forward to be improved in other models, including Vespa.

– Powerful performance

The Piaggio Medley 2020 comes with the latest generation I-get engine, which is more refined in terms of noise, fuel consumption, and reliability. The acceleration of the Medley is impressive, with a quick and immediate response when twisting the throttle. The scooter’s balance and stability at high speeds are also highly appreciated, making the rider feel comfortable and confident.


The design of the Medley may not appeal to everyone, as beauty is subjective. However, in our opinion, the Medley’s design is still not distinctive enough to cater to the majority of consumers, especially young people. The small and sporty design of the mirrors on the S version reduces the observation area. The footboard of the Medley is not flat like the Honda SH, and it has a large ridge. This can cause imbalance and tilting when carrying large objects between the rider’s legs. Lastly, the black plastic parts on the front and middle of the scooter are prone to dirt and stains, making them difficult to clean without specialized cleaning agents.

In conclusion, the Medley is no longer a new scooter, as it has gradually established its position. However, it still faces a lot of challenges in the competitive market, especially against the well-established Honda SH. Nevertheless, with many significant improvements and advantages over the Honda SH, the Piaggio Medley 2020 can hope to have a neck-and-neck race with the SH, something that no other scooter has been able to achieve recently.