The familiar design on the standard Vespa Sprint is still retained, but the new S version recently launched in the Vietnamese market has been supplemented with some new details, equipped with modern technology and new colors to increase its appeal to consumers. This premium scooter from Italy is sold in Vietnam for 77.5 million VND.

New features

Compared to the standard version, the Sprint S has many notable new features. First and foremost is the new lighting system. The headlight on the scooter is replaced with a 2-tier LED light set in the familiar rectangular frame. The new lighting system has a more beautiful design, saves energy, and increases the long-range projection capability. The headlight on the Vespa Sprint S is also installed in such a way that in the low beam mode, the height of the light beam does not shine on the face of an adult, avoiding discomfort for oncoming riders.

At the rear, the old taillight has also been replaced with a new LED configuration. The taillight of the Sprint S has the same design as the Notte and Primavera Yacht Club models, with a beautiful round shape. The front of the scooter still integrates LED positioning lights and turn signals. To add a sporty touch, the backlight of the display screen also has a red color with impressive patterns. The red S logo appears below the keyhole, and the ABS logo is moved to the opposite side.

In addition, to further enhance the sporty appearance of the scooter, the S version is also equipped with additional red decorative details. The S letter on the side of the scooter body is red, the red and gray paint stripes run along both sides, the air intake slot at the front of the scooter is painted red, the S logo is red on the glossy black rims, and the shock absorber springs also have prominent red color. The seat is wrapped in premium velvet material with visible stitching. However, with this material, the surface of the seat is easily stained if the owner does not regularly clean it.

Equipped with technology and convenience

As a premium scooter, it is understandable that Vespa Sprint S has many modern technologies. After Vespa 946 and Liberty, the Sprint quickly gained the ABS technology. Vespa is also the pioneering brand in Vietnam to popularize this advanced safety technology on many of its scooter models, helping protect the rider and minimize unnecessary accidents.

When ABS technology is combined with a 200mm front disc brake and a 140mm rear drum brake, the Vespa Sprint becomes a very safe scooter, especially when riding in the rain or in emergency braking situations.

The Vespa Sprint S still has a built-in USB charging port in the front storage compartment. The rear storage compartment can accommodate two half-face helmets, but it’s difficult to fit a backpack containing a laptop, even though the size is only 13 inches. This limitation comes from the fact that the fuel tank is located under the seat next to the storage compartment, occupying a part of the storage space. The seat can be opened through a button located next to the keyhole.


Although not overly large in design, the Vespa Sprint S 2019 has a relatively high seat height, at 790mm. The seat height of the Sprint is even 5mm higher than the Honda SH, which is something many female customers may hesitate about when choosing a Vespa. However, in return, the Vespa Sprint is only 120kg dry weight, much lighter than the Honda SH, making it easy for users to maneuver the scooter while standing, especially for women.

Ignoring the dimensions and weight, let’s talk about the scooter’s performance. The S version still uses the same Piaggio i-Get Euro 3 engine, with a single 125cc cylinder air-cooled engine integrated with an electronic fuel injection system and a 3-valve intake system – optimizing performance, fuel efficiency, and minimizing noise. This is considered a revolution of the Italian scooter brand that changes customers’ perception of Vespa.

In fact, since the Vespa models have been equipped with the iGet engine, the experience with the scooter has brought many differences. The unmistakable buzzing sound is still there, but the noise when starting the engine or when riding has improved significantly.

Compared to Honda scooters, Vespa scooters accelerate much faster. Even at low speeds, after a slight delay of the throttle, the scooter quickly accelerates. I like riding Vespa scooters, especially the Sprint S, between speeds of 40 – 80 km/h. The scooter moves smoothly and smoothly with each twist of the throttle.

At this time, the sporty and powerful nature of the engine is most evident. The Vespa Sprint S is equipped with an analog speedometer that allows observing the speed in km/h and mph without the presence of a tachometer like most other scooters. Therefore, at different speeds, we cannot provide specific RPM figures.

In terms of fuel consumption, based on using the scooter for more than a week, averaging after each refueling of 2.5 liters of gasoline, the scooter can travel about 80 – 85 km. However, it should be noted that this is under completely urban conditions, used for daily commuting and city tours in Hanoi. During peak hours, encountering congestion is not uncommon. Therefore, the Vespa Sprint S has an acceptable fuel consumption rate.


With significant upgrades such as new paint colors, red decorative stickers, new headlights, and taillights, the Vespa Sprint S 125 ABS becomes much more attractive to consumers, especially young people. With a price of 77.5 million VND in Vietnam, the Vespa Sprint can make many people hesitate when choosing between it and the Honda SH 125 ABS. However, for those who have a unique and timeless preference for beauty, the Vespa Sprint S will be a choice that cannot be ignored.