Review of Honda Winner X ABS 2019: Leadership qualities

Compared to the first generation Honda Winner, the Winner X has undergone a complete transformation in design and added modern technologies that its direct competitors do not have, promising to bring about a great revolution.


After a long period of waiting, the next generation of Honda Winner, named Winner X, has finally been officially launched to the anticipation of the community of motorcycle enthusiasts in Vietnam. Not disappointing the expectations of fans, Winner X is an impressive product with a completely new design and modern, safe technologies.

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Honda Winner X ABS 2019 just launched in Vietnam.

Going back 3 years, Honda Vietnam unexpectedly introduced the Winner 150 sports motorcycle to compete head-to-head with its rival Yamaha Exciter 150 which was dominating the market. Although the sales numbers did not meet expectations, over 273,000 Winner 150 motorcycles have been sold, proving the acceptance of consumers.

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After a period of 3 years, Honda Vietnam quickly released the next generation of Winner to bring a more impressive, premium and desirable product. The Japanese automaker decided to make Winner X a completely new design with more advanced technologies in order to differentiate it from its competitors in the same segment. This has generated a very positive reaction from consumers, especially the community of sports motorcycle enthusiasts in Vietnam.

What has Honda Winner X 2019 improved?

At first glance, it is easy to see that the appearance of Winner X has been completely transformed compared to the previous version. Although still developed based on the frame of the old version, the appearance and equipment of Winner X now has completely changed. The most noticeable detail is that the headlight cluster has been moved from the front of the motorcycle down to the front mask. This detail is inspired by the leading large-displacement motorcycles of Honda such as the CBR500R, CBR650R, and CBR1000RR. The pair of position lights are also elegantly shaped to bring a difference to Winner X.

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A pair of modern LED turn signals are arranged on both sides of the motorcycle body with a unique design in the overall design of the motorcycle. However, this detail has received many mixed opinions as many people believe that the separate design can increase the risk of damage. The compact backlight panel is shaped like a sports motorcycle, helping to display the parameters clearly and providing the best visibility in all lighting conditions.

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Compared to the old version, Winner X has a higher aerodynamic design with carefully arranged lines inspired by a powerful sports machine. Users can easily notice the difference in this version with its sharp head design and a majestic body with an expanded front fairing and a neat and high tail, creating a sense of strength and power.

A shrunken exhaust pipe with a more rigid design but more majestic, providing a stronger and more powerful sound, as well as highlighting the personality of the rider on busy streets. The seat of Winner X is designed to be flatter and adjusted to provide a comfortable and smooth feeling for both the rider and the pillion passenger. The two side coverings of the seat have differences thanks to the fake air inlets, the guiding handles, and the two metal bars that many people liken to strong buffalo horns.

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If the previous version of Winner did not receive high ratings for its taillight cluster, in the X version, Honda engineers have modified it to give it a sharp and sharp look thanks to LED technology. The LED turn signal pair is designed like the leading large-displacement motorcycles mounted on a license plate bracket.

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Other prominent features on the motorcycle include elegant, foldable aluminum foot pegs, wave-shaped disc brakes, unique front forks, and a metal cover on the rear fork that helps emphasize the premium sports nature of Winner X, a seat that opens with the button integrated on the lock.

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The most valuable feature on Honda Winner X, which receives the most attention, is the ABS braking system. This is a feature that its direct competitor Yamaha Exciter 150 does not have. The ABS system consists of four main parts: sensors, controllers, hydraulic pumps, and valve control braking force.

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ABS works effectively when the rider brakes, helping to stabilize the position of the motorcycle by preventing wheel lock and especially in slippery or muddy road conditions. When encountering a dangerous situation, the system will reapply the largest braking force to stop the motorcycle quickly or until detecting a new wheel lock. With a slippery and slippery surface, when grabbing the brakes, the motorcycle slows down quickly, rolls more smoothly for a short distance, and stops completely without any slipping or tail flicking. At this time, the front of the motorcycle will jerk due to the ABS system’s intervention into the wheels, similar to the effect of continuous braking.

Does its performance differ?

Honda Winner X is still equipped with the PGM-Fi 150cc 4-stroke single-cylinder fuel injection engine combined with a 6-speed gearbox, DOHC dual-camshaft, liquid cooling, with a maximum power of 15.42 horsepower at 9,000 rpm, and maximum torque of 13.5 Nm at 6,500 rpm.

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However, due to changes in aerodynamics, the experience of Winner X is now different from the previous generation. The front-wheel balance is clearly shown when sitting on the motorcycle. In particular, the front of the motorcycle is now lighter after the entire headlight cluster is moved down to the front mask. The flexibility and agility are clearly shown when the motorcycle enters a turn or constant left-right steering.

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Youthful and smoothness are most clearly demonstrated when shifting to gears 3 and 4. Starting at a speed of over 50 km/h, with an engine speed range of about 5,000 rpm, gear 4, the motorcycle starts to show the difference in acceleration and throttle response. The higher the gear, the more impressive the acceleration capability of the motorcycle becomes, especially in the high-speed range above 80 km/h. Immediately after shifting from gear 4 to gear 5 or up to gear 6 and twisting the throttle, the motorcycle quickly accelerates and speed gradually increases. Especially in gear 6 – one of the mysteries of Winner that its competitors do not have, I truly feel impressed and very satisfied.

Every time I lightly twist the throttle, the motorcycle is like an arrow just released from the bow, quickly darting forward even though it is at a high speed for a 150cc motorcycle. However, to ensure safety and given the road conditions, I decided not to take risks. Suppressing emotions, I began to feel the motorcycle’s performance at high speed.

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Winner X continues to use the characteristic double-cradle frame of motorcycles using DOHC engines, which will help this motorcycle operate more stably and firmly than the single-cradle frame. With a balanced design and improved aerodynamics, even at a speed of over 80 km/h or higher, Winner X does not have any vibration or shaking effects, the motorcycle is firm and solid, completely different from what I have experienced in rivals of the same segment.


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Compared to the previous version, Honda Winner X is a leap forward in design and equipment. Built on a powerful engine, a sturdy frame, Winner X now owns an impressive design and powerful sports style, and is equipped with leading modern technologies in the segment. Therefore, there is no reason why this motorcycle cannot create a great breakthrough in a segment that is currently dominated by a domestic brand.

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Brake Type


Manufacturer’s suggested retail price

(including VAT)


Black version

ABS Brake

– Black Silver Gold Copper

49,490,000 VND


Camo version

ABS Brake

– Green Silver Black

– Red Silver Black

48,990,000 VND


Sports version

Regular Brake

– Silver Red Black

– Black Blue

– Green Silver Black

– Red Silver Black

45,990,000 VND


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