Pega is a brand of electric bicycles and motorcycles that was originally known as HK Bike when it was established in late 2012. Currently, Pega assembles 5 different models of bikes at its factory in Bac Giang. Among these, the newest model is called Newtech, which features a modern design targeted towards young people.

Since the introduction and production of VinFast’s Klara, the electric motorcycle segment has been gaining more attention in Vietnam. Prior to that, many imported electric motorcycles from China had been dominating the market, attracting a lot of consumer interest due to their attractive designs and reasonable prices. At the beginning of 2019, Pega introduced the completely new Newtech model to provide additional options for consumers.

Compared to VinFast’s Klara, Pega Newtech has a different style. Newtech has a more angular design that appeals more to young people, particularly students. It also has a much lower price than Klara, starting at only 25 million Dong.

In terms of design, the motorcycle features a Full LED headlight with a strong angular design, LED position lights and turn signals. The Pega NewTech has dimensions of 1,878 mm in length, 770 mm in width, and 1,130 mm in height. Its Bosch motor has a nominal power of 1,500W and a maximum power of 2,250W, with an advanced control algorithm and hydraulic disc brakes.

Some impressive features of this model include a Bluetooth system and USB port for listening to music and charging mobile phones while on the move or stopped. The motorcycle’s storage compartment is also equipped with a USB charging port and a switch to completely power off the electrical system.

The handlebars are equipped with a turn signal button and a race mode activation button. The taillight uses modern LED technology, and the rear suspension features a dual-sided symmetrical monoshock. The storage compartment is of moderate size and can be opened with a key or an electronic key. The Pega Newtech has an acceleration capability of about 60 km/h, which is 10 km/h faster than VinFast’s Klara, and it can travel up to a maximum of 90 km on a single charge.

During a test drive organized by Pega, we were able to travel a distance of nearly 60 km from Hanoi to the company’s factory in Bac Giang. However, to add an additional challenge, we decided to go with two riders instead of just one, as originally planned.

If the maximum speed announced by the company is 60 km/h, then when traveling with two riders, our maximum speed was only 47-48 km/h, despite our best efforts. The Pega Newtech is equipped with 3 driving modes. In mode 3, the motorcycle can accelerate and reach its maximum speed, suitable for climbing slopes and crossing bridges. However, in this mode, the battery consumption is significantly higher.

In the other two modes, the motorcycle moves smoothly, with less acceleration when twisting the throttle. In particular, if mode 1 is selected, the motorcycle will be very battery efficient, suitable for low battery levels. After traveling nearly 60 km, our motorcycle had only 1 bar of battery remaining. Therefore, with a heavier load, the traveling distance will significantly decrease compared to the manufacturer’s announcement.

However, from an economic perspective, after fully charging and traveling such a distance, electric motorcycles are much more fuel-efficient than gasoline-powered motorcycles. This is also the slogan used by electric motorcycle manufacturers to promote their models, saying that electric motorcycles are more fuel-efficient than gas-powered ones.

The Pega NewTech has a spacious floorboard for the feet, although it is not completely flat. However, the sitting position of the rider can be slightly uncomfortable compared to most scooters. The sitting position is slightly lower while the floorboard is higher, which can create some discomfort. In addition, the seat for the passenger is very small due to the separation between the front and rear seats.

Furthermore, I was also impressed by the additional features on the Pega Newtech. Among them, there are 2 USB charging ports for mobile devices. In addition, the motorcycle is equipped with speakers and Bluetooth connectivity for entertainment during breaks on the road. The storage compartment under the seat is also large enough to hold personal belongings or a 13-15 inch laptop.

After the test drive, we had the opportunity to visit Pega’s electric motorcycle and electric bike manufacturing plant. The total area of the factory is 10,000 square meters, with a maximum capacity of about 80,000 vehicles per year. However, in 2018, Pega only sold about 30,000 vehicles, so the factory is not operating at full capacity.

With the newest Newtech model, which was launched in early January, about 3,000 bikes have been delivered to dealers, of which 2,000 have reached customers. Currently, Pega distributes 3 electric motorcycles and 2 electric bikes. The majority of Pega motorcycles are sold domestically, with a small number being exported, including to the French market, although this is not significant.

The Newtech model currently has a localization rate of 30%, with the remaining 70% of components imported from the Chinese market. In the future, Pega plans to increase the localization rate of this model even further. Other Pega models have a higher localization rate, with some models being almost completely made in Vietnam.