Introduced at the Shanghai Auto Show, the EX90 Excellence is positioned at the top of the range and takes “premium experience to a new level”. While the biggest changes are focused on the interior, this flagship model stands out with its two-tone paint and unique 22-inch wheels with eye-catching design.

Of course, the exterior still plays a secondary role as the EX90 Excellence focuses on the rear passenger compartment. Specifically, Volvo describes this crossover as the “perfect companion if you prefer to relax in the rear seats rather than drive yourself”.

So, what does this perfect companion offer? The rear seats are two captain seats, replacing the traditional second and third rows. These seats are separated by an elegant wooden center armrest, which also includes a small refrigerator to cool beverages. The center armrest integrates a control panel that allows users to adjust heating and massage functions for the seats. Passengers will also find a large Orrefors crystal that functions as a switch to control the fragrance system in the car.

Customers can choose between wool or Nordico upholstery. Although wool looks beautiful, Volvo notes that Nordico upholstery is environmentally friendly as it is “made from woven fabric from recycled materials such as PET bottles and bio-materials from forests in Sweden and Finland”.

Completing the highlights are a dedicated air conditioning system and soft cushions to support your neck. We can also see storage compartments and a 14.5-inch entertainment system for the front passengers.

Volvo does not reveal many other details, but confirms that this crossover has a four-wheel drive, two electric motors and a range of up to 650 km (according to CLTC standards).

Volvo continues to state that the EX90 Excellence is “the safest four-seater car we have ever built”. The EX90 Excellence will be first distributed in China and then in other markets.