The Benda LFC700 is a powerful and muscular cruiser motorcycle that can captivate speed enthusiasts at first sight. Not only impressive in design, this cruiser model from China also stands out with its advanced features.

The LFC700 is a cruiser motorcycle from the renowned brand Benda. Benda is a Chinese motorcycle brand based in Zhejiang province and was established in 1994. The key product line of the brand is cruiser and naked bikes, with cruiser models being the most abundant.

Benda LFC700 was first introduced in 2022 as a concept bike under the name LF-01. Currently, this Chinese cruiser motorcycle is being imported to Vietnam under private import.

In terms of design, the overall appearance of Benda LFC700 is quite muscular with angular lines, which enhances its strong and rugged look. The dimensions of the bike are 2,430 x 940 x 1,110 mm in length, width, and height, respectively. The wheelbase is 1,720 mm.

Benda LFC700 is developed based on a solid aluminum alloy frame, CNC-cut. With this special frame, the weight of the motorcycle is only about 275 kg, which enables the cruiser to achieve speeds like sportbikes.

At the front of the bike, Benda LFC700 is equipped with a rectangular LED headlight, placed above the impressive Ram Air intake. Although small in size, the headlight of Benda LFC700 still provides Euro 5 lighting. Next are the integrated front turn signals with daylight and fog lights, featuring a unique design. The cafe racer-style mirrors can be adjusted up and down.

The seat of the Benda LFC700 is a single-piece design made of cushion foam, providing a comfortable feeling throughout the journey. The seat height is only 695mm with a low center of gravity, making it easy for the rider to control the bike.

The most notable feature of Benda LFC700 is its original rear tire size of 135mm, which is the largest in the commercial motorcycle industry, accompanied by Brembo brake calipers.

Meanwhile, the front wheel of the bike has a size of 130/70-19. Both the front and rear rims of the LFC700 are made from Seiko aluminum alloy, a famous brand from Japan.

The exhaust pipe on Benda LFC700 is a cast underbelly type with 4 tapered exhaust pipes arranged in a row, protected by an attractive mesh screen.

In terms of convenience features, Benda LFC 700 boasts advanced features such as Cruiser Control cruise control system, Ride by Wire electronic throttle with multiple riding modes, and Assist and Slipper Clutch. The TFT display cluster allows control of all operating information of the bike, and the lighting system is full-LED.

In addition, Benda LFC 700 also features large-sized Upside-Down forks and rear mono shocks, both from the famous Japanese brand KYB.

Providing power to the Benda LFC 700 is a 4-cylinder inline engine with a displacement of 680 cc, liquid-cooled. This “heart” can generate an estimated power of over 97 horsepower at 12,000 rpm.

In the Vietnamese market, Benda LFC 700 is being offered for sale by a private import company at a price of 185 million VND.

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Photos, Videos: Cubshop, Thien Nhin Ngo