Next to the powerful DOHC 150 cc engine, accompanied by flexible and reliable performance; the all-new 2022 Honda Winner is officially released today, November 25, 2022. It also comes with a new set of clothes, featuring colors that remind us of the Moto GP world champion Marc Marquez.

A strong position in consumer’s hearts

By the end of 2021, over half a million Winners were produced and delivered to consumers in Vietnam by Honda. Clearly, this is a “speaking number” and demonstrates the dominant position of the 150cc underbone segment with the Winner – true to its name. Eye-catching design, rich equipment, durable engine, excellent performance, and most importantly, the willingness to listen to customer feedback for product improvement have made this underbone model popular among consumers in Vietnam.

A quick review of the upgrades made to the 2022 Honda Winner X, this is actually the second generation of the product, launched in the Vietnamese market in 2019. After four years, this small-displacement motorcycle has undergone many improvements to better suit the local users, most notably: the integrated turn signals for a more compact body, avoiding potential damage in case of collisions; the exhaust port has also been adjusted to not cause discomfort for the rider behind…

Other notable features on the 2022 Honda Winner X include: a modern and easily readable digital instrument panel; a convenient phone charging port added next to the smart key; or the Seal chain system that helps reduce maintenance costs for the owner.

A comprehensive choice in the segment

In addition to the improvements to meet the users’ preferences, Honda has also cleverly maintained its outstanding features – which have been affirmed through multiple generations of products, including: the engine – gearbox, safety braking technology, and optimal performance that provide a smooth and comfortable experience, especially when riding in the city.

Specifically, the 150cc DOHC engine paired with a 6-speed manual transmission can generate a maximum power output of 11.5 kW and a torque of 13.5 Nm to the rear wheel. The real excitement lies in the riding experience of the 2022 Winner X: when commuting in the city, this engine-gearbox combo allows riders to operate the motorcycle smoothly, flexibly, and comfortably.

If suddenly in the mood, Winner X riders can twist the throttle and feel the superior power propelling the bike forward; pumping adrenaline and delivering an exhilarating, thrilling sensation for speed enthusiasts. The 2022 Honda Winner X can fully meet the needs of young users with an adventurous lifestyle and a vibrant riding style.

Moreover, Honda continues to equip the Winner X 2022 with ABS for the front wheel and disc brake for the rear wheel, along with Upside Down forks for the front suspension and a Mono Shock at the rear, ensuring agile and safe operation on poor road surfaces or wet weather conditions.

New color scheme with a sporty style

Marc Marquez was born in 1993 and holds Spanish citizenship. He is considered one of the most successful riders of all time, with 8 Moto GP championship titles as of 2021, including 6 championships under the Repsol Honda Team. Marquez is also the youngest champion in the history of this prestigious racing series and holds numerous speed records that are difficult to break.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the red-blue-white color scheme of the world-famous rider Marc Marquez has been chosen by Honda Vietnam to be featured on the latest 2022 version of the Winner X. The new sporty color scheme continues to affirm the dynamic and sporty characteristics, adding the Moto GP speed racing or the personal touch of the champion Marquez.

The color scheme on the 2022 Honda Winner X has been carefully researched and inherits the eye-catching color scheme of Honda’s flagship big bike model – the “beast” CBR1000RR-R. Specifically, the majority of the motorcycle’s body is covered in red. The surrounding edges feature a combination of dark and light blue colors, combined with harmonious white patterns, creating a modern overall look.

If you are a Honda big bike fan and regularly follow the latest news, speed enthusiasts will also easily recognize this trendy and eye-catching color scheme appearing on the legendary off-road Honda XL750 TransAlps 2023 that was recently reintroduced at the EICMA exhibition a few days ago.

In addition, the front and rear rims of the Honda Winner X 2022 are also painted in gold, creating a striking highlight. The front mask of the motorcycle has also been changed to a classy white color, distinguishing it from the previous black version. Furthermore, the aerodynamic air vents still appear on the bike, with a youthful and neat design style.

Quick summary, the 2022 Honda Winner X continues to prove itself as a very worthwhile and comprehensive choice in the small-displacement motorcycle segment: eye-catching sporty design, abundant practical features, and durable, smooth performance that is suitable for young users for daily urban commuting and flexible, safe long-distance rides.

The latest sporty version of the 2022 Honda Winner X in the red-black-white color scheme is officially available at all Honda HEAD dealers nationwide from November 25, 2022, with a retail price of 50,560,000 VND. It comes with a 3-year or 30,000 km manufacturer warranty.

Anh Phan (Tuoitrethudo)