After the Corolla Cross, the Yaris Cross is the next trump card of Toyota to conquer the Vietnamese market in the more accessible segment. With a range of sharp weapons such as fuel-saving hybrid engine – environmentally friendly, modern Toyota Safety Sense safety package, a series of convenient equipment and attractive youthful design; Toyota Yaris Cross will surely make the B-segment high ground more lively.

The most vibrant segment in the market
Following the general trend of the global car market; in addition to the sedan segment, recently in Vietnam, high ground vehicles have emerged as a versatile product line that many consumers choose. This is reflected in the continuously increasing sales of this type of vehicle.

Quickly naming names that have never been hot for a few years back, we have: Hyundai Kona (and recently replaced by Creta), Kia Seltos, Mazda CX-3 and CX-30 twins, Honda HR-V, Peugeot 2008, Volkswagen T-Cross, MG ZS, Nissan Kicks and an unknown factor will soon appear is the Mitsubishi XForce. Among them, many products regularly appear in the list of the top 10 best-selling models every month, even every year in the past 3-4 years.

The B-segment SUV is becoming increasingly vibrant and diverse with full brands coming from Europe – America, Japan, Korea and even China. Recently, Nissan Kicks has been almost the only choice when users want to experience a hybrid model. Now, Toyota Vietnam has also officially entered this crowded segment.

Moving forward from the success of Corolla Cross, the younger brother Yaris Cross Hybrid has officially arrived in the market. The car applies the formula of the success of Corolla Cross, including: environmentally friendly hybrid powertrain, attractive youthful design, luxurious modern amenities, full range of safe-driving technologies and is “badged” by the most prestigious brand.

Especially, Toyota also offers many attractive incentives to customers when ordering Yaris Cross such as: 50% reduction in pre-tax fee when completing payment until the end of 2023, 10% off for customers buying Toyota insurance products until 30/11/2023, and support customers with an attractive financial support package with an initial payment of only VND 105 million and a special interest rate from 2.99%/year for customers borrowing to buy cars through Toyota Financial Company until 30/11/2023.

The end-of-year shopping season – the race time of all major and small car brands – is coming and with this move from Toyota, it will not be difficult for the 2023 Toyota Yaris Cross hybrid to have a firm position in the list of best-selling cars.

So specifically, what does the all-new 2023 Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid have?

Youthful and modern lines

Not long after being introduced in Indonesia a few months ago, the 2023 Toyota Yaris Cross has officially debuted in Vietnam with a truly attractive appearance. It is not difficult to recognize that the Yaris Cross is a very harmonious combination of the athleticism of its RAV4 predecessor and the modern elegance of Corolla Cross.

The sharp-shaped headlights, combined with the uniquely designed thang calang and muscular hood, create a quite aggressive and sporty face – very suitable for a model designed for young families.

The rear of the car is also meticulously crafted. The dark-colored roof extends backwards, blending into the high airfoil, bringing the fresh feeling of a sports coupe. The LED brake lights are designed in a very compact spearhead shape, reminiscent of the luxurious lines on Lexus models.

All the underbody, including the front and rear bumpers, side skirts and wheel wells, are covered with protective panels like off-road vehicles, giving a strong and powerful feeling. The car’s tires use 215/55R18, 2-color 5-spoke wheels with a ground clearance of up to 210mm – very convenient when crossing difficult terrain or climbing curbs, through flooded roads.

With all these highlights, the 2023 Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid can confidently convince young customers, those who favor a powerful and masculine car while still maintaining the elegance and youthful charm of the times.

Full amenities for customers

When choosing the 2023 Toyota Yaris Cross, customers will experience the highest quality and most abundant equipment in the B-segment high ground vehicles: intelligent full LED headlights (including automatic on/off and automatic light adjustment) on all versions, 18-inch wheels, power tailgate, and hands-free opening feature.

Inside the car, users can also enjoy the feeling of intimacy with nature with the panoramic glass roof – the largest and most airy in the segment. The center infotainment screen is over 10 inches, fully integrated with convenient wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connections.

Below, users are equipped with full USB charging ports, Type-C fast charging, wireless charging, tidy and convenient electronic parking brake. Along with that is the Pioneer 6-speaker audio system, automatic air conditioning with rear vents, interior ambient lighting to increase aesthetics and modernize the car’s atmosphere.

The driver’s area is packed with technology, with an ODO gauge in the form of a modern screen that can display various information, including wheel angle setting that optimizes for new drivers. The steering wheel with paddle shifters (gasoline version) and full buttons – indicating a fully equipped version and a full experience.

Especially, even the interior is also carefully crafted, soft dashboard, leather-wrapped seats and extremely eye-catching blue stitching – emphasizing the environmentally friendly hybrid version.

In addition, even the interior storage compartment is designed with versatility. In the driver’s seat, the cross-area partition wall creates a feeling that the driver is in a central position, actively controlling the car and bringing excitement when driving.

If sitting in the rear seat, the large glass sunroof also enhances the feeling of spaciousness for users. When the front passenger has adjusted the seat to fit, passengers over 1.7 meters tall can still enjoy a comfortable space, both with knee and headroom.

All door windows are large in size, creating a wide view, the backrest with a reasonable incline brings comfort, and the foldable rear armrest adds convenience on each long journey. The luggage compartment at the rear of the car is also one of the most spacious in the segment.

Toyota Safety Sense superior safety technology

It can be said that Toyota is emerging as a Japanese brand with positive and determined changes. This is clearly shown through the provision of the active safety technology package Toyota Safety Sense on most products in Vietnam, even with ordinary models.

On the 2023 Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid, the car is equipped with a full TSS package including: Automatic high beam headlights (AHB), Lane departure warning and lane keeping assist (LDA & LTA), Pre-collision warning (PCS), Active cruise control (ACC), Front vehicle departure warning (FDA) and the accelerator operation control (PMC).

In addition, many other safety features are also present on this B-segment SUV, notably the 360-degree camera, blind spot warning, rear cross-traffic alert, tire pressure warning at each tire, front – rear sensors.

Efficient, powerful, flexible hybrid engine In Vietnam, the Toyota Yaris Cross 2023 is distributed by the Japanese brand with two versions: gasoline engine and hybrid engine. The gasoline version uses a naturally aspirated 1.5L engine, combined with a dual CVT automatic transmission for a maximum power of 105 HP and a maximum pulling force of 138 Nm.

Especially, the HEV version is equipped with a 1.5L hybrid powertrain for 90 HP of power and a maximum torque of 121 Nm, and is supplemented with an additional 79 HP as well as 141 Nm of pulling force from the electric motor via the CVT transmission. This version uses a lithium-ion battery to store energy.

Li-ion batteries are advanced battery technologies that use lithium ions as the main component in electrochemistry. Some advantages of this type of battery must be mentioned are: long life, low discharge rate, large capacity, water and fire resistance, especially not causing environmental pollution.

Bypassing the figures on paper, the most interesting feeling that the 2023 Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid brings is probably the moment of pressing the start button. All screens light up, the car is ready to move but there is no sound at all. Smooth and silent are the bright spots that surprise those familiar with gasoline or diesel engines.

The transition between the gasoline engine and the electric motor takes place completely automatically and smoothly. Passengers in the car can hardly notice the difference: when the car is running on gasoline and when the electric motor is operating. There is only one single feeling – that is comfort!

Another advantage of the hybrid engine is its very exhilarating acceleration ability. When pressing the accelerator deeply, the car shoots up without any lag and gives a surplus pulling force. The driver can easily overtake without having to calculate carefully.

The optimal energy saving advantage is also a noteworthy point. When the car is decelerating (releases the accelerator) or when it applies the brake, the electric motor will use inertia to reverse-charge the battery, helping to save fuel. Thanks to that, the Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid only consumes 5 – 6L/100km.

As a B-segment crossover with the highest ground clearance in the segment, the Yaris Cross driving posture is very comfortable: spacious and high visibility, easy to grasp and control the situation; to some extent, it helps to cover the A-pillar blind spot. Its compact size and especially its 5.2m turning radius make turning – maneuvering in narrow streets very easy.

On the highway, the Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid is able to unleash its power in a very comfortable way. All overtaking maneuvers become easy. The steering wheel tightens, bringing a solid feel at high speed. Lane change or cornering takes place quickly and neatly. The Toyota Safety Sense features will be very helpful when traveling on the highway.

This car also has a few notable points. Typically, when suddenly pressing the throttle pedal to the floor, the gasoline engine will produce a characteristic roar that penetrates the cabin. The car’s soundproofing ability is also only at a moderate level, not too outstanding.

The car’s suspension system is tuned quite firmly to ensure that it can operate sharply. Swerving maneuvers or entering deep bends on passes do not cause sway or looseness. However, in return, there will be some jolts when crossing speed bumps or bad road sections with many speed bumps, especially for passengers in the rear.

In the near future after its launch, the 2023 Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid will definitely be a name that disrupts the B-segment high ground vehicles that are already very tight. Compared to the formidable names, Yaris Cross can confidently highlight a series of advantages: from design, equipment, safety features to sporty and exciting driving capability while still being smooth, economical. 

By Anh Phan (Tuoitrethudo)

Photos: Huy Bach