With VinFast Feliz S, the cost of usage is a strong advantage. However, the transition from gasoline engine to electric car is a process that requires adaptation, and the Vietnamese manufacturer needs to pay more attention to it.

First of all, let’s talk about the price of this Vietnamese-made electric scooter. VinFast lists the Feliz S model at 29.9 million VND, excluding the battery (if you don’t want to buy the battery for about 20 million VND, you can choose the option to rent the battery).

Therefore, the price of VinFast Feliz S will be around 30 million VND – positioning it in the affordable price segment, equivalent to competitors like Honda Vision or Yamaha Janus, Freego.

Compared to other electric scooter models on the market today, the price of VinFast Feliz S is in the higher segment. However, the reputable Vietnamese origin, dense dealer network, and attractive after-sales policy are also strengths that make the price of Feliz S reasonable.

Switching to VinFast Feliz S also means that consumers will no longer rely on the unpredictable fluctuations of gasoline prices. This is a great advantage not only for Feliz or VinFast, but also for all electric scooter models in general.

According to the sharing of Hoang Vu – the owner of VinFast Feliz S, it takes only 3.5 kW (electricity) to fully charge the battery of the electric scooter. The corresponding cost is about less than 10,000 VND, which is only 1/10 or even 1/15 of the cost of filling up a regular gasoline-powered scooter.

With a fully charged battery, VinFast Feliz S can travel about 160-170 km depending on the driving style. If the scooter is carrying two people, the range will be around 120-130 km on mixed roads.

On average, after each full charge, VinFast Feliz S has the capacity to run about 140 km. This means that if the daily travel demand of the scooter owner is about 20 km (commuting in the city, picking up children, going to the market, shopping, coffee dates, etc.), Feliz S only needs to be charged once a week – about 4-5 hours, equivalent to a night of charging.

Therefore, on average, in a month, with an average daily travel demand of 20 km, users will need to charge 4-5 times a month, costing less than 50,000 VND. It is clear that this is much cheaper than the operating cost of an equivalent gasoline scooter.

The monthly cost of renting a battery is nearly 190,000 VND. The unlimited mileage package has a cost of 350,000 VND per month. The attractive point of the battery rental policy is that consumers do not have to worry about battery issues, such as battery failure, battery depletion, or battery-related incidents – which are significant considerations when buying an electric scooter.

In return, electric scooter users do not have to change oil or regularly maintain like gasoline-powered scooters. Each maintenance of an electric scooter costs an average of about 150,000 VND, which can be considered as a reasonable offset for the regular maintenance and oil change cost of a gasoline scooter.

In terms of design and equipment, VinFast Feliz S surpasses its competitors and is on par with regular gasoline scooters.

In terms of design, VinFast Feliz S is an upgraded version of the Feliz first-generation model that used lead-acid batteries. Apart from the 3.5 KWh LFP battery, the scooter has almost no changes in terms of design, except for the added “S” logo.

Another difference is that the LFP battery pack is placed under the floor of the scooter, which frees up space for the lead-acid battery pack that used to be placed in the trunk of the previous version. Thanks to this, users now have a larger trunk that can fit two half-face helmets and other items.

In terms of durability and reliability, VinFast has been present in the market for almost 5 years with a wide range of products, especially its new generation electric cars that have gained global recognition – which is a strong response to consumers.

Regarding electric scooters, most models of the Vietnamese brand such as Klara, Theon S have been thoroughly tested. VinFast always prioritizes reputable suppliers with long-standing names. In particular, domestic suppliers are also given priority to reduce product costs and encourage domestic manufacturers. As a result, the quality of components and accessories that make up the complete scooter is guaranteed to be optimal in terms of both quality and cost.

This is also a major difference between VinFast electric scooters and most low-quality and cheap models from unknown “foreign brands” across the border. This once again confirms that the price difference of Feliz S compared to its competitors is completely acceptable.

There are still some points that need improvement in terms of operating experience. One design flaw of Feliz S that is uncomfortable for users is the short rear mudguard and the large gap between the wheel and the bottom of the trunk, which makes the rear passengers prone to getting dirty with mud and dirt, especially when traveling in wet weather conditions.

Next, VinFast Feliz S is equipped with a quite hard suspension system. This makes the driver feel uncomfortable with the impact on the body when going through rough roads or speed bumps. However, Feliz – like other electric scooter models – does not have the vibrations generated by the engine, which can cause fatigue for the rider after a long time.

Unlike cheap and low-quality electric scooters, VinFast Feliz S does not suffer from the problem of uncontrollable acceleration or sudden jerking when accelerating. Although the acceleration (acceleration capability) is adjusted very smoothly, the throttle has a relatively large “play”. If you want to accelerate quickly, the operator will have to twist the throttle deeper.

In Eco mode, the scooter limits the speed to below 40 km/h to ensure battery life. In Sport mode, Feliz S can reach a top speed of 80 km/h. Regardless of the mode of operation, the scooter operates very smoothly and quietly, without the noise of a gasoline-powered scooter – especially after a period of use, the noise of a gasoline scooter is much louder than a new scooter.

With a weight of about 110 kg, the rider of VinFast Feliz S can confidently control the scooter with a relaxed and flexible riding style, maneuvering through the city without feeling heavy or cumbersome. The riding position and the rear seat are equivalent to most regular scooters, with no difference.

Each VinFast Feliz S is equipped with an e-Sim for easy vehicle management through a smartphone app. However, the real-world experience shows that the e-Sim connection on the scooter is often interrupted, which does not guarantee a smooth connection.

Conclusion, VinFast Feliz S is a high-quality product with a reputable brand, with a reasonable price and low operating costs compared to the general market. However, to provide users with a complete experience, the Vietnamese manufacturer still has many things to do with this mid-range electric scooter.