Lexus RX 500h F-Sport Performance represents a delicate balance between sophistication and comfort, two aspects that are often difficult to reconcile in the automotive world. This solidifies the fact that Lexus and Toyota are rapidly evolving and making a significant impact.

When it comes to luxury, elegance, and prestige, Lexus is undoubtedly a brand that comes to mind. The smooth and comfortable ride that Lexus vehicles offer is undisputed. The brand is also known for its reliability and durability, which is why many wealthy individuals choose to own Japanese luxury cars. However, if we talk about the “driving experience” of a Lexus and the feeling of sporty performance, many people may find it hard to believe.

This skepticism may last until you have the opportunity to drive and experience the sheer power and performance capabilities that the Lexus RX 500h F-Sport Performance, the flagship crossover model, has to offer. The private event called Lexus Experience Amazing, held to celebrate its 10 years, at the My Dinh F1 racetrack, was a rare opportunity to experience such a unique “Japanese rarity.”

The event included four popular Lexus models in the Vietnamese market, including the latest generation RX 500h and RX 350, which were recently introduced. The event also showcased the previous generation RX, the NX 350h, and the ES 300h sedan. Among them, the highlight of the experience was the RX 500h F-Sport Performance.

Starting with the exterior, the new fifth-generation Lexus RX has undergone noticeable improvements. Although the total length of the RX has been maintained, the rear axle has been pushed back, increasing the wheelbase by 60 mm compared to the previous generation, reaching 2,850 mm. The overall height has also been reduced by 10mm. Additionally, the hood has been lowered by 15mm and extended 80mm backward. These changes bring the engine’s position, the heaviest component of the vehicle, closer to the center of the car, improving stability during operation.

Furthermore, the new GA-K chassis platform has been improved in terms of structure, material, and manufacturing processes to increase overall rigidity while reducing weight. The RX 500h F-Sport Performance, like the RX 350 Luxury and RX 350 F-Sport models, is equipped with front and rear AVS shock absorbers, which provide a balance between sporty performance and the characteristic smoothness of Lexus cars.

In addition, the range-topping model, Lexus RX 500h F-Sport Performance, features DRS (rear-wheel steering), which provides rear-wheel steering in the opposite direction to the front wheels at low speeds, improving the turning radius for easier parking in tight spaces. At high speeds, the rear wheels steer in the same direction as the front wheels, enhancing agility, smoothness, and stability. This feature was demonstrated during a slalom test at a speed limit of 50-60 km/h. The Lexus RX 500h F-Sport Performance smoothly maneuvered through the zigzag poles without any signs of instability or loss of control.

The standout feature of the Lexus RX 500h F-Sport Performance is its hybrid powertrain. The vehicle is equipped with a hybrid system consisting of a 2.4L turbocharged I4 engine combined with an electric motor at the front and an independent electric motor at the rear. This configuration allows the car to achieve a maximum power output of 366 horsepower and a maximum torque of 460 Nm.

The car is driven by a 4WD hybrid system called DIRECT4, which includes mechanical power distribution to the front wheels and electric power distribution to the rear wheels. The system allows flexible torque distribution from 20:80 to 80:20 depending on specific driving conditions.

Combining all the aforementioned improvements, the Lexus RX 500h F-Sport Performance delivers exceptionally agile handling. The real-world driving experience on the standard F1 racetrack at My Dinh revealed the car’s “sweet” cornering capabilities. The car remained stable when changing lanes abruptly at high speeds, with minimal body roll in tight turns at around 60 km/h.

During acceleration, the front of the car did not lift, and during sudden braking, the rear did not lift either, demonstrating significant improvements in terms of stability and precise handling. This is further enhanced by the remarkable capabilities of the electronic vehicle dynamics control system (VDIM), which can intervene in the suspension, steering, engine, and drivetrain to maximize control over the car’s movements.

In summary, it is evident that the Lexus RX 500h F-Sport Performance is representing a Lexus, or more broadly speaking, a Toyota that is evolving rapidly in a remarkably positive direction. The car retains its beauty, elegance, and smoothness, while incorporating modern and eye-catching design elements, especially in terms of sporty performance.

One remarkable aspect of this generation of the Lexus RX is its ability to balance the enthusiasm of sporty performance, for those who have a natural inclination for speed, with a comfortable and smooth driving experience for daily commuting. Undoubtedly, the new generation Lexus RX will continue to be in high demand, with more people wanting to own the car than there are available units, resulting in stable resale values, making it one of the best-performing luxury car brands in Vietnam.

Lastly, it cannot be denied that the new 2023 Lexus RX has a truly captivating and visually stunning design. Japanese engineers have brought a progressive update that reflects the spirit of electrification of the present era, while retaining the iconic design elements synonymous with the brand. The front grille, for example, has been transformed from a framed design into a seamless, infinite design. The sharp L-shaped LED headlights, as well as the body, have gained softer yet powerful and bold creases, exuding youthfulness and masculinity.

Moreover, the interior of the vehicle epitomizes luxury and is designed to offer convenience and comfort while maintaining aesthetic appeal and visual harmony in the materials used, such as leather, wood, and metal.

Anh Phan (Tuoitrethudo)