On the morning of October 19, 2022, the Mitsubishi XFC crossover concept model was globally unveiled in Vietnam, showcasing the market’s 90 million people’s status for the diamond three-diamond brand.

“Riding the wave” right before VMS 2022 – the largest automobile event in Vietnam – Mitsubishi Motor has just launched the global market the XFC small-sized SUV concept car, whose concept is “the ideal companion for an exciting life”. According to the representative of the Japanese car brand, the Mitsubishi XFC Concept will also be the main character present on the stage of VMS 2022 one week after its debut.

Powerful and impressive design

Right from the overall appearance, Mitsubishi XFC Concept also demonstrates the blend of a strong and sturdy design style and modern, sharp lines. Positioned in the small-sized SUV segment, XFC Concept has a good ground clearance to optimize its ability to overcome rough terrains and face rainy roads.

The front of the car is still the “stage” for the Dynamic Shield design language but in a “strange yet familiar” style with a futuristic touch. The L-shaped front lighting cluster on the upper part is arranged closely with the parallel daytime running lights on the lower part, creating a very impressive and eye-catching overall T-shaped design at first sight.

Below, the hexagon-shaped LED fog lights accentuate the sharpness of the angular front bumper, adding a fierce, sturdy, and modern look to the small-sized SUV concept car.

Along the body of the car, the rearview mirrors have been completely simplified thanks to the integration of camera clusters. The front and rear wheel arches are shaped sharply with raised character lines, giving the car a distinctive, sporty appearance. The doors are sunken and raised to create contrasting color panels that are very impressive.

The hexagonal decorative strip creates a sense of harmony with the design of the front of the car. Meanwhile, the shiny alloy wheels with “super giant” sizes bring a strong and dynamic look to the XFC concept. The rear end of the car also features a T-shaped taillight cluster, creating a modern highlight and synchronization with the front design of the car.

Spacious and modern interior space leading the segment

Inside the cabin, Mitsubishi XFC Concept continues to impress with its minimalistic, modern, and youthful design with three passenger-facing displays. Among them, the center control panel is very large in size and is designed to span horizontally the dashboard.

Two hexagonal screens are arranged below the A-pillar, replacing the rear-view mirrors in line with the hexagonal exterior design lines and synchronized with the control screen below the saddle area.

Soft materials are present in many areas around the car, enhancing the user experience and providing a luxurious feeling. Thanks to its minimalistic design, the Mitsubishi XFC optimizes the spacious and airy interior space inside a compact and flexible body, ensuring it meets the needs of young families on every journey.

Especially, customers will enjoy a comfortable rear legroom that is leading in the segment. Accompanying that is the maximum luggage volume to accompany passengers on long journeys.

Superior safety, reliable operation in difficult conditions

Not only does the Mitsubishi XFC Concept possess a design that suits the tastes of users, it has also undergone more than 4,000km of road testing to ensure it can operate in the most flexible way.

Although it is a small-sized SUV, the Mitsubishi XFC Concept still accompanies safety and reliability thanks to the vehicle stability control system on slippery roads and high-quality convenience experience.

With a high ground clearance and four drive modes (Normal, Gravel/Snow, Mud, and Slippery), Mitsubishi XFC Concept brings memorable, safe, and stable experiences in all weather conditions and road types.

The Wet Road drive mode is introduced for the first time in a Mitsubishi car and is highly suitable for use in Southeast Asian markets, providing superior safety on water-flooded roads during heavy rain.

The first time a car model is designed specifically for the Southeast Asian market and globally unveiled in Vietnam

The appearance of Mitsubishi XFC Concept shows that it is a small-sized SUV designed specifically for the Southeast Asian market – the current strong business market for the brand. Therefore, the car will have a design suitable for this operation condition.

This event can be considered the most practical appreciation that the brand gives to Vietnamese consumers. At the same time, it also demonstrates the importance and appreciation that Mitsubishi has for the 90 million people market, where the trump card Xpander is making waves.

The car possesses advanced safety equipment and reliable operation even in difficult conditions such as rough roads or flooded routes, which are typical “challenging” operation problems in the region. By revealing the XFC Concept, Mitsubishi is demonstrating its ambition to expand its range of products, alongside Xpander, Xpander Cross, Outlander, Pajero Spot, Triton, or Attrage.

According to the Japanese car brand, Mitsubishi XFC Concept has been shaped since the beginning with a strong, impressive design style and many flexible utilities, aiming to provide maximum convenience and comfort for users.

Mr. Takao Kato, President and CEO of Mitsubishi Motors, said: after being globally unveiled in Vietnam, XFC Concept will be introduced in Southeast Asian markets in the 2023 fiscal year.

Next, the Mitsubishi brand plans to introduce the electric version of the Mitsubishi XFC Concept as well as expand the market for the product from the Southeast Asian region to the global market.

In addition to XFC, Mitsubishi has also entered the era of electrification with names such as i-MiEV, Outlander PHEV, or upcoming models like Eclipse Cross PHEV, all-new Outlander, and all-new Triton/L200.

Anh Phan (Tuoitrethudo)