7 Unique Honda Motorcycle Models

Honda has once produced some truly unique motorcycles, however, unfortunately, for various reasons, they only stayed on the market for a year before disappearing.


Therefore, you will be very surprised when looking at the “strange” and little-known names below.

1. Z100 Monkey

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The Z100 Monkey motorcycle was introduced in 1961, before the famous Z50M was released, and to this day, Monkey motorcycles are still being produced. Initially, the motorcycle was produced to serve transportation in Suzuka Park.

2. ZB50 Monkey R

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Introduced in 1987, inspired by the Z50s and completed with a frame, disc brakes, and suspension system. Only existed for one year.

3. CT50 Motra

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The CT50 Motra is like a two-wheel Jeep, with an engine similar to the C90 and sold with two transmission options – 3-speed and 2-speed. Weighs 76 kg. Only existed for one year in 1982 and only sold in Japan.

4. Juno M80/M85

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M80/M85 is Honda’s first scooter, born in 1954, with a fiberglass body. The engine has a capacity of 124 cc for the M80 and 169 cc for the M85. The lifespan of Juno M80/M85 is one year, but a total of 6,000 units were produced.

5. FC50 Beat

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The Honda Beat is known as a two-seater sport motorcycle, produced in 1990, with its predecessor being the FC50 scooter in 1983. The engine has a capacity of 49 cc and uses the V-TACS system. Instead of automatic, the V-TACS system uses foot pedals and is operated by the rider’s left foot.

6. Zook

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Honda engineers demonstrated that Zook is the simplest model of all, showcasing minimalism and was produced in 1990. The engine is integrated on the rear fork.

7. Road Fox

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The Fox is a blend of helicopter and railcar design. Produced from 1984 to 1985. It is a 3-wheeled motorcycle with the engine mounted behind with two rear wheels and one front steering wheel.

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