The Hai Phong City Police said it has identified a group of people who performed the act of driving in a dangerous manner at high speed in the coastal area of ​​Cat Ba to Tan Vu – Lach Huyen road.

Accordingly, in the afternoon of October 15, there was a group of young men who performed the act of driving large-displacement motorcycles at high speed, causing noise and performing dangerous actions such as drifting, pulling wheelies and doing knee slides on many streets in Cat Ba town.

This group recorded videos and posted them on social media, attracting thousands of views and shares. According to the shared clips, there were segments of the road where the motorcycle riders were travelling at speeds of up to 277 km/h.

Immediately after receiving the information, the leaders of Hai Phong City Police requested the traffic police, cyber security and local police forces to investigate the identities of the individuals involved in violating traffic safety laws.

Through the investigation, the police agency has identified that Nguyen Van T. (1994), residing in Trang Viet, Me Linh, Hanoi, is the motorcycle rider who recorded and uploaded the video on social media. On September 9, T. and his group of friends performed the act of driving and doing wheelies during their trip.

The police have also identified the identities of all the individuals who rode the large-displacement motorcycles and participated in the wheelie stunt with T on that day.

TH (Tuoitrethudo)

Photos, videos: Social media