JAECOO introduces the J7 Edition: The vehicle for adventurous terrain conquerors

On October 15th, the "JAECOO Product Exhibition" officially kicked off in Vu Ho, China.


Being the highlight of “JAECOO International User Ecosystem Innovation Conference 2023”, JAECOO brought the “Outdoor Camping” model to this product exhibition, introducing to the attendees various interesting contexts showing the correlation between media and lifestyle.

With the continuous advancement of technology and the diversification of consumer needs, the competition between brands in the future will revolve around user experiences. Prioritizing customers is essential to bring the brand ahead of the times.

JAECOO launches J7 Edition: A car for terrain conquering enthusiasts jaecoo-2.jpg

JAECOO not only aims to bring users an optimal driving experience but also seeks to establish deep connections through a range of diverse derivative products. This product exhibition showcases JAECOO’s innovative efforts to touch every aspect of users’ lives.

Focusing on the theme of “experience and exploration,” JAECOO showcases a series of sophisticated peripherals, including tents, storm-resistant jackets, golf bags, etc., awakening unlimited passion for conquering all types of terrains. JAECOO also desires to collaborate with users to produce environmentally friendly masterpieces.

JAECOO launches J7 Edition: A car for terrain conquering enthusiasts jaecoo.jpg

The first official modified version of the J7 model has appeared at the exhibition. The modifications to the J7 highlight a stylish design, exuding a wild charm. This new J7 model showcases the brand’s bold spirit in breaking constraints and embracing exploration.

Trang Nguyen (Forum.autodaily.vn)