The 5th generation Toyota RAV4 was introduced in 2018 and it’s time for this compact SUV to get an upgrade. While there is no official information from the Japanese automaker yet, there are naturally many rumors about potential upgrades that will be applied.

Recently, the Youtube channel Q Cars has created a design concept for the new generation Toyota RAV4, helping enthusiasts to have a better idea of the possible exterior changes that could be applied to the new version.

Based on the concept images, it can be seen that the next generation Toyota RAV4 will have a more elegant and premium exterior compared to the current version. The large front grille, combined with the new headlights and solid front bumper, gives the Toyota RAV4 a fresh, modern and sporty look.

Both sides of the car are highlighted with eye-catching and sporty-looking alloy wheels. Q Cars has created various designs for the new Toyota RAV4 wheels, and all of them are impressive.

The rear of the car attracts attention with new extended LED taillights, following the current design trend. The rear windows have also been redesigned. From the rear, this Toyota RAV4 can be seen to have a sporty coupe-like shape, similar to coupe SUV models.

Although I really like this new design style of the 2025 Toyota RAV4, it is likely that Toyota will choose a safer approach by evolving rather than completely transforming the 6th generation RAV4 in order to maintain its appeal to a wider range of traditional customers.

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