Vietnamese driver pilots VF 8 to circle around the United States: “To prove Vietnamese cars are not inferior to other brands”

On his birthday, Vietnamese-born Nguyen Duc Thinh embarked on a 15,000km journey across the United States with his electric car, the VF 8. The car owner stated that he wanted to prove that Vietnamese-made vehicles are not inferior to any other car brands in the world.


“I want to use VF 8 because it is a Vietnamese car”

Many users in Vietnam and the United States were pleasantly surprised when they found out about the special journey of VF 8 owner Nguyen Duc Thinh. On October 15th, Mr. Thinh officially started his 15,000 km journey around the United States, starting from Orange County heading to North San Francisco.

Vietnamese driving VF 8 around the United States: “Want to prove that Vietnamese cars are not inferior to other brands” vinfast-06.jpegThe VF 8 Mr. Thinh used on his journey (Photo by the character’s Facebook)

Having knowledge about cars and being the owner of a showroom in Vietnam before going to the United States, Mr. Thinh shared that he had envisioned a plan to drive around the US three years ago but couldn’t do it because of the pandemic. This year, his plan became even more special and meaningful with the companionship of the VF 8 electric car.

“I also have a Tesla in the US, but I want to use the VF 8 because it is a Vietnamese car,” Mr. Thinh said. He and many of his friends believe that driving a Tesla is no different. Moreover, choosing Tesla for his journey is no different from “advertising for a foreign brand,” he jokingly added. Therefore, Mr. Thinh asked himself: “Why don’t I drive a VinFast car to advertise for a brand of our country?”

Mr. Nguyen Duc Thinh said that through this trip, he wants to test the endurance of the VF 8 as the 15,000 km journey is very long, along with continuous operation for hundreds of kilometers in over a month. In addition, the journey across the United States is expected to challenge the VF 8 in various terrains with harsh weather conditions, especially in the cold areas in the north of the country.

Vietnamese driving VF 8 around the United States: “Want to prove that Vietnamese cars are not inferior to other brands” vinfast-07.jpegMr. Thinh’s planned journey (Photo by the character’s Facebook)

With high hopes for this journey, according to Mr. Thinh, driving VinFast will surely attract a lot of attention and if the trip is successful, he will prove to the world that the quality of Vietnamese cars is not inferior to other brands.

Confidently conquering the United States with the VF 8 companion

To prepare for the long journey that is 10 times longer than crossing Vietnam, the first thing Mr. Nguyen Duc Thinh did was to schedule charging the battery in detail, from the location, coordinates, number of charging stations, distance to travel on that day, charging power… This task does not take too much time because VinFast cars can be charged at various partner systems throughout the United States.

Mr. Thinh’s remaining task is to equip his VF 8 with a rooftop tent to rest along the way along with food, drink, laptop, 5G router, camera, handheld mobile hotspot… Many areas in the US are harsh, with many sections of hundreds of kilometers without cellphone signal, so he needs to be fully prepared before hitting the road.

On his birthday (October 15th), Mr. Thinh officially embarked on this unprecedented journey. In this fulfilling journey, the Vietnamese man will be the driver. However, during the trip, “if there are friends in other areas who want to join me, I am also very willing,” Mr. Thinh said.

Vietnamese driving VF 8 around the United States: “Want to prove that Vietnamese cars are not inferior to other brands” vinfast-08.jpegMr. Nguyen Duc Thinh resting at a charging station on the first day of the journey (Screenshot)

Having had the opportunity to experience many electric cars in Vietnam such as the VF 5 Plus, VF 8, VF 9, according to Mr. Thinh, with the electric cars exported to the US, the quality is exactly the same, from the driving experience to the solidity, finishing quality…

Regarding the “companion” VF 8, Mr. Nguyen Duc Thinh seems to be particularly interested in the advanced driver assistance features (ADAS) such as lane keeping, adaptive cruise control… which make his long journey more comfortable. In the near future, with software updates, according to him, the VF 8 will even be equipped with more modern technologies and features.

“Apart from ADAS, I also highly appreciate the beautiful interior and exterior design of the car, the premium interior. The quality of the body is well-made. Because it is an electric car, the acceleration ability is unquestionable, very fast and powerful. In general, it is very stable to use,” the Vietnamese car owner said.

Currently, according to the latest update (morning of October 17th Vietnam time), Mr. Thinh’s VF 8 has arrived in Bishop, a city in California. Awaited by the VF 8 owner will be many famous locations in the US, from Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Idaho, Indiana, Ohio to New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia… and especially North Carolina – where VinFast’s factory in the US is located.

“I hope that after this trip, I will have more information and experiences with the VF 8 to share more meticulously,” Mr. Thinh shared.

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