When was the driver’s license created?

The world's first driver's license was issued 130 years ago, in 1888.


Driver’s license or commonly known as a driving license is a type of license, certificate issued by a state agency or authorized agency to a specific person allowing them to operate, travel, and participate in traffic with various types of motorized vehicles such as motorcycles, cars, trucks, buses, passenger cars or other types of vehicles on public roads.

Driver's license was born when? 1024px-Fahrlizenz_1.jpgAn old driver’s license in Austria in 1904

Regulations on driver’s licenses in different countries may vary depending on the specific characteristics of each country, but in general, to obtain a driver’s license, the applicant must go through many legal procedures such as submitting an application, undergoing a driving test or strict driving exams (depending on the requirements of each type of vehicle) and other procedures. After being issued a driver’s license, the person is legally allowed to participate in traffic with a vehicle.

A driver’s license is usually issued based on a certain age. When a person violates traffic laws, traffic police may request the presentation of a driver’s license for inspection. Some legal regulations in countries have the form of penalties to confiscate or revoke the driver’s license with a fixed-term or non-fixed-term (driver’s license suspension).

In history, the driver’s license was granted to the person who invented the modern car, Karl Benz, in 1888. Because of the noise and smoke from his cars, Benz received complaints and then requested and received written permission from the Ducal Grand Hotel to operate his vehicle on public streets.

Driver's license was born when? German_drivers_license_-_Bain_(LOC).jpgDriver’s license in Germany in 1912

It was not until 1910 in Germany that the driver’s license standard with training of students and undergoing tests was established. At that time, women were used to men being the ones who used the vehicles, had driver’s licenses, and dealt with external affairs, so the fact that they drove was considered strange.

This changed in 1929 when Lillie Elizabeth McGee became the first American woman to obtain a driver’s license, and later she became the director of a transportation industry company.

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