At the end of the year, car manufacturers are competing with each other in running promotional campaigns to boost sales. In this regard, compact sedans are also being heavily discounted.

Honda City

Customers who buy the Honda City in October will still receive a 50% government registration fee waiver, equivalent to around 30 million VND. In addition, some dealerships are offering accessories worth 50 – 70 million VND as free gifts.

The Honda City is currently available in Vietnam with three versions (RS, L, G) and 6 exterior colors. The price of the car ranges from 559 – 609 million VND.

Being the most expensive model in its segment, it’s understandable that the City is receiving many promotions.

Toyota Vios

As a domestically assembled model, customers who buy the Toyota Vios during this time will also enjoy a 50% government registration fee waiver, equivalent to a discount of up to 24 – 30 million VND (depending on the version). Some dealerships are also offering additional discounts of 10 – 20 million VND for customers.

The top-of-the-line Vios G CVT is currently receiving the biggest discount of up to 50 million VND. This discount brings the price of the Vios G CTV down to only 542 million VND.

The Toyota Vios 2023 is available in 3 versions: E MT, E CVT, and G CVT. The listed prices for the car range from 479 million, 542 million, and 592 million VND.

Hyundai Accent

Despite being quite popular and consistently ranking among the best-selling models, the Hyundai Accent is still receiving a slight discount of around 30 million VND from some dealerships.

The Hyundai Accent is currently available in Vietnam with 4 versions, priced from 426 – 542 million VND.

With its reliable performance and affordable price, the Accent continues to attract users.

Mitsubishi Attrage

Although it is not eligible for the 50% government registration fee waiver due to being an imported car, the Mitsubishi Attrage is being heavily promoted by the manufacturer and dealerships to compete with other rivals in the segment.

Therefore, all 3 versions of the Mitsubishi Attrage are currently being offered with a 100% government registration fee waiver, equivalent to a discount of 38 – 49 million VND.

The Mitsubishi Attrage is currently being distributed as a completely built unit import from Thailand with prices ranging from 380 – 490 million VND.

Despite its low price, comparable to A-segment cars, the Attrage is not among the top-selling models. It is usually ranked lower in terms of sales compared to the Vios, Accent, and City.

Nissan Almera 

Customers who buy the Nissan Almera this month will also receive a 100% government registration fee waiver, with discounts of up to 70 million VND for the top-level version.

The car is currently imported and sold in Vietnam in two versions: CVT and CVT Premium. The listed prices for the car are 539 and 595 million VND, respectively.

Thanks to this promotion, the price of the top-level Almera is now on par with and competitive against the Toyota Vios.

Suzuki Ciaz

In an effort to boost sales, the Suzuki Ciaz is also being offered with a 50% government registration fee waiver, equivalent to a discount of around 26 million VND. The post-discount price of the car is now only 503 million VND.

The Suzuki Ciaz is considered to have relatively limited features compared to its competitors in the segment. However, its selling price is still high and not well balanced.

This promotion is expected to enhance its competitiveness against rivals in the same segment, such as the Honda City, Hyundai Accent, and Toyota Vios.

TH (Tuoitrethudo)