If we ever walk into our dusty family garage one day and suddenly come across a 1981 Lamborghini Countach in deep sleep, it’s likely each of us would be left speechless for a few seconds. That was exactly what Reddit user eriegin experienced last week when he unexpectedly stumbled upon a priceless treasure forgotten in his own garage.

Along with the Countach, eriegin also found a red Ferrari 308 – one of the most popular Ferrari models in the late ’70s to early ’80s. According to eriegin, his grandfather used to run a supercar business during that period, but high maintenance and insurance costs forced the company to shut down, resulting in some supercars being left behind and forgotten, including the two aforementioned cars.

Of course, being covered in dust for 20 years means that both Italian supercars need special care if they want to hit the road again. Eriegin said he would hire someone to restore the interiors and engines of both vehicles to their original condition, while trying to preserve the exterior as a testimony to this unbelievable but true story, and at the same time, creating a unique voice, a personal touch for the two Italian supercars.

Reference: Motor1