Recently, the “OMODA Product Exhibition and Ecosystem Introduction” officially opened at Vu Ho, China.
The event attracted global customers to OMODA’s booth to witness the brand’s comprehensive ecosystem. As the highlight of the “OMODA International User Ecosystem Innovation Conference 2023”, the exhibition showcases the latest achievements and developments of high-end peripheral devices, introducing a new concept of user-led and continuously improved ecosystem, leading new trends.

OMODA creates a new experiential space.
The booths at the “OMODA Product Exhibition and Ecosystem Introduction” are filled with technology allure, bringing a vibrant experiential space decorated with charging stations, unmanned drones, and land skateboards. OMODA’s expanded range of products includes various categories such as digital technology, outdoor clothing and equipment, attracting young audiences with trendy and high-quality items.

Asserting the spirit of low carbon movement, OMODA’s first bicycle, a premium derivative product, has become the most popular product at the exhibition, attracting many users to test drive it. This bike will also participate in OMODA’s “Eco-Ride” event on October 17, accompanying thousands of users from more than 30 countries in a stylish flash mob, aiming to minimize carbon emissions.

However, not only the exciting new peripheral devices attract attention, OMODA 5 and OMODA E5, the spotlight models showcasing future-oriented aesthetics and dynamism, also receive admiration and applause from the exhibition attendees.

From products to high-end items, OMODA increasingly affirms its compatibility with the modern lifestyle of young people, expanding its touchpoints in every aspect of users’ lives, offering diverse choices and leading a new model for the younger generation.

OMODA joins users worldwide to create a new ecosystem.
At the exhibition, OMODA also organized the launch of its brand ecosystem, officially announcing an ecosystem based on user co-creation and value sharing.

“The theme of OMODA at the event is to break boundaries, surpass traditional car operation concepts, and create personalized lifestyles and entertainment circles. OMODA hopes to connect with its users starting from cars, but not limited to them” – OMODA CEO Shawn Xu stated at the event. OMODA adheres to the philosophy of placing users at the center, prioritizing their decision-making and turning them into co-creators of the ecosystem and value sharers.

Currently, OMODA is present in 14 global markets, with unique design language and smart connectivity technology that bridges the present and the future, asserting itself as a pioneer in the SUV crossover segment for young people. In the future, guided by an ecosystem co-creation and sharing strategy, OMODA aims not only to create great vehicles for users but also to enhance benefits for customers.

TH (Tuoitrethudo)