Recently, Hanoi Railway Company officially inaugurated the SE19/SE20 high-quality train on the Hanoi – Danang route to meet the increasing demand of domestic and international tourists for quality vehicles and services.

The SE19/SE20 line will have 28 cars that have been upgraded and improved in terms of quality, such as seating area, beds, and toilets, to provide a comfortable experience for customers on every journey.

The sleeping area has been fitted with new blankets, sheets, and pillows, and the interior has been redesigned. The air conditioning system has been equipped with adjustable air vents, allowing customers to adjust the temperature according to their needs.

The dining area has also been redesigned to ensure that customers feel comfortable and relaxed while enjoying their meals and admiring the surrounding natural scenery.

Additional hot water facilities have been installed in the restroom area.

The train is also equipped with technical solutions to eliminate odors from waste containers, providing a clean and luxurious atmosphere similar to hotels.

In addition to investing in equipment, the company has also carefully selected and provided separate uniforms for the train crew. From the train conductor to the service staff, they must be experienced, presentable, and have good communication skills, especially in English.

There are also onboard cleaning staff responsible for cleaning the restrooms and washing areas. Train car attendants clean the cars, passenger areas, aisles, and even the restrooms when the cleaning staff is not available.

Special requests for regional products can be made through digital methods, such as scanning the QR code using a smartphone.

As for ticket prices, for the time being, the railway industry will maintain the current ticket prices. Specifically, the highest ticket price on weekdays and weekends will be 943,000 VND and 1,046 million VND, respectively.

TH (Tuoitrethudo)

Photo: Pham Tung Lam