In recent times, GPT AI has emerged as a “magic” technology phenomenon. However, for most people, GPT AI is still quite unfamiliar and seems to only exist in the media, not yet entering reality. In that context, Gotech is the first company in Vietnam to pioneer the application of this technology in real life, exclusively for drivers.


Applications on all Gotech products

It was quite surprising when Gotech decided to provide the Gotech GPT Assistant feature for all its products. This is a quite “fancy” factor as many other companies usually only equip advanced features for high-end products at high prices.

Gotech users only need to update the software to the latest version to be able to use the Gotech GPT Assistant feature, regardless of whether it’s a CarPlay Box or any screen product. Just a button press (on the screen or on the steering wheel), drivers or passengers can quickly access the Gotech GPT Assistant application.

Then, users just need to give voice commands, and Gotech GPT will return the results in sound or text format displayed on the screen (for easy copying, storage, and later use), without distracting the driver and causing danger when participating in traffic.

To do this, the development team of Gotech cleverly combines GPT AI with Google’s voice recognition system, helping to conveniently transmit user commands and system results, ensuring convenience, safety, and suitability for driving. The only drawback of this system is that it requires a smooth and strong network connection to provide the best user experience.

What is Gotech GPT? Is it really “magic”?

In the first-generation virtual assistants, users can only perform a few operations when calling fixed commands, such as opening the air conditioner at a certain temperature or opening a certain application. In the second-generation virtual assistant, thanks to the combination with the Kiki voice assistant, users of Gotech products can search for more basic information such as gold price, dollar exchange rate, weather forecast, and location and navigation, and most notably, the ability to recognize any voice regardless of region or ethnicity.

In the next generation, Gotech GPT integrates the more intelligent GPT AI artificial intelligence intellect, smarter than its two predecessors. It can understand commands more naturally (like a conversation between people) and the search results are also more vividly displayed. Especially, the “magic” of Gotech GPT lies in the fact that besides simple information search, it can synthesize, analyze, and provide quick, concise, and surprisingly accurate results.

For example, when giving the command “wife angry, need advice,” Gotech GPT immediately presents a very logical process sequence: first, analyzing the cause, then suggesting solutions.

Or in response to the request “come up with a script idea for a car review”; Gotech GPT’s returns are truly impressive, with concise and highly applicable information that can be immediately used in practical work without much editing.

Even more special, Gotech GPT proves itself to be a true assistant, a reliable right-hand for managers or senior personnel. For example, it only takes Gotech GPT a few seconds to come up with an ideal partner meeting location list; or quickly create a list of 10 questions to recruit candidates for sales/marketing positions. In short, Gotech GPT helps high-level management teams truly save time.

Not stopping there, Gotech GPT can also be used by creative content teams extremely effectively. Just give the command “write a 500-word article to post on Facebook about travel” or something similar (with keywords as the desired platform, topic of the article, and limited word count), and in a blink of an eye, Gotech GPT will surprise you with its incredibly amazing results!

However, the key lies in how users ask questions. If a general question is asked, Gotech GPT will also answer vaguely, like “neither wrong nor right”. But if you ask more specific questions with specific keywords, Gotech GPT will give very reasonable, profound answers that can surprise users!

Too many benefits with just one “magical” feature

Perhaps if we were to list and talk at length about the capabilities of Gotech GPT, it would take all day or even more. However, to summarize the issue, we can mention a few notable advantages that this “magical” product brings to users as follows:

Convenience: Just update the software to the latest version and give voice commands, Gotech GPT will answer user inquiries without having to overcome barriers such as account registration or subscription fees…

Usefulness: Gotech GPT proves to be very useful for many different user groups, from giving advice in life to knowledge in specialized fields and even solving work tasks for high-level managers or content creators…

Quality: Not only limited to simple search, Gotech GPT can also synthesize, analyze, and deeply select; saving time for users. The returned results are accurate and immediately usable, not just for reference.

Pioneering: Last but not least, credit must be given to the Gotech software development team for being at the forefront, bringing a virtual assistant to all products completely free for users in Vietnam to easily and quickly access and utilize this AI in their lives and even work.

Quick summary, after a period of direct real-life experience with the Gotech GPT virtual assistant, this feature truly convinced me as a user. Gotech GPT is truly useful when giving advice and even solving “a bunch of work” quickly, accurately, and conveniently. Giving users the opportunity to access and explore Gotech’s AI technology is truly a surprising and highly appreciated move!

Anh Phan (Tuoitrethudo)