Awakening the V-Rex Travertson “dinosaur” for more than 1.5 billion VND after months of slumber

The V-Rex Travertson beast, with its rugged appearance, underwent a complete transformation after being taken to a specialized facility for three months of diagnosis and repair. The custom garage owner believed it was a daring move to take on this bike for customization.


V-Rex Travertson is a limited edition super motorcycle that is handcrafted and naturally comes with a hefty price tag equivalent to sports cars and luxury vehicles.

Anything unique and expensive eventually arouses curiosity and desire for ownership among Vietnamese tycoons. In early September 2019, the first V-Rex Travertson made its appearance. Exactly one year later, the second V-Rex Travertson, a large-displacement motorcycle, arrived in Vietnam. Up to now, there are estimated to be over 7 V-Rex Travertson motorcycles in the country.

The History of the V-Rex Travertson in the Article

The story of the second V-Rex Travertson becomes even more intriguing when the owner invested in a beautiful Airbrush paint job just four years after owning it. However, after that, the V-Rex Travertson was no longer seen on the streets of the capital city. Did the owner sell it to another wealthy businessman in a different province? The answer can be found in the latest images of the motorcycle.

Information about this V-Rex Travertson once again caught the attention of many motorcycle enthusiasts due to its 3-month-long “surgery” process and its new appearance. The motorcycle is now equipped with numerous new accessories, making it ready to hit the streets of Hanoi alongside its owner.

Awakening the “Dinosaur” V-Rex Travertson worth over 1.5 billion after months of neglect

After years of being idle, the second V-Rex Travertson, a unique large-displacement motorcycle, has been affected by numerous “strange diseases” that have caused many components to deteriorate. The motorcycle was unable to move, resulting in a thick layer of dust covering its exterior. The owner had no choice but to leave it indoors, waiting for the day he would find a skilled mechanic to awaken the “monster.”

The motorcycle being disassembled for repairs

Fate intervened, and a person specialized in repairing Harley-Davidson motorcycles, who also happened to be a customizer of V-Rex Travertson motorcycles, agreed to take on the challenge of reviving the dinosaur-like V-Rex Travertson. The customizer promised to give the motorcycle an impressive new appearance, true to the spirit of futuristic motorcycles.

However, this person quickly realized that accepting a motorcycle like this was a bit daring. “When I took it apart, I was shocked because I never expected it to be in such terrible condition. It seems that everything needs to be redone,” shared the V-Rex Travertson mechanic.

Many damaged parts

During the 3-month-long process, the mechanics had to source various main and miscellaneous components, ensuring that only the best quality parts were used. The disassembly and reassembly process was challenging, but thanks to their experience in repairing Harley-Davidson motorcycles, the team of mechanics in Hanoi did not shy away from the task.

After the 3-month-long journey, the V-Rex Travertson large-displacement motorcycle has been painted in a new and bold moss green color. The motorcycle now exudes a sense of individuality, with a style that sets it apart. New features such as stainless steel details, CNC machining, and shiny chrome plating have been added to the motorcycle, making it resemble a fierce beast with wings.

Revived after 3 months of repairs

Throughout these 3 months, the mechanics meticulously sourced and installed each component, whether it was a major part or a minor detail. The disassembly and reassembly processes were challenging, but thanks to their years of experience repairing Harley-Davidson motorcycles, the team of mechanics in Hanoi persevered.

In this comeback, the V-Rex Travertson large-displacement motorcycle has been completed with a new coat of moss green paint, truly reflecting its individuality and uniqueness. The motorcycle now features numerous new accessories, making it resemble a fierce and distinctive beast on the streets of Vietnam.

The Design of the V-Rex Travertson Motorcycle

V-Rex Travertson is a large motorcycle developed by two masters in the motorcycle customization industry, Tim Cameron and Christian Travert. It is based on a V-Rod Harley-Davidson motorcycle, with the main highlight being the front section of the motorcycle resembling giant hands embracing the front wheel. This design was inspired by the superhit movie “King Kong.” The distinctive design elements make this V-Rex Travertson motorcycle truly captivating. In addition, the front of the motorcycle features fierce, mesmerizing eyes with LED lights, and the handlebars are equipped with a speedometer and a stylish front fairing.

Furthermore, the V-Rex Travertson draws attention with its low seating position, with a height of approximately 660mm from the ground to the seat. Depending on the choice, the seat can be upholstered in regular leather or crocodile leather. The V-Rex Travertson has only one seat as standard, but some customized versions may have an additional passenger seat, allowing the rider to take their loved one for a ride. The motorcycle is also equipped with a horizontal LED taillight.

One of the main design elements that contribute to the V-Rex Travertson’s character and uniqueness is its fat tires, with sizes ranging from 280mm to 300mm from Metzeler Marathon, and a rear wheel made of CNC-machined aluminum with an 18-inch diameter. The V-Rex Travertson has a length of 2,600mm and a long wheelbase of 1,851mm. The motorcycle weighs 304 kg.

V-Rex Travertson Powertrain

The V-Rex Travertson is equipped with a liquid-cooled V-Twin engine with a displacement of 1,250 cc, generating a maximum power of 120 horsepower and a torque of 100 Nm. The motorcycle is controlled through a 5-speed manual transmission.

When first introduced to the Vietnamese market, large-displacement motorcycles like the V-Rex Travertson had price tags ranging from 1.3 billion to 1.5 billion VND (approximately $57,000 to $65,700). However, currently, some V-Rex Travertson motorcycles are being traded at around 2 billion VND (approximately $87,400). The increase in price is due to the fact that the V-Rex Travertson is a limited edition motorcycle that is only produced upon request.

Photos: Việt Motor