With a price of about 350 million VND – quite competitive in the imported 300-400cc scooter segment, the BMW C400GT is truly an attractive choice, thanks to its reputable German logo, unique design, good finish quality, and distinctive riding experience.

First, let’s take a look at the Vietnamese market in the 300 – 400cc scooter segment: Currently, Forza 300 is being offered by private import units for 345 million VND; while Honda Thailand has just launched the Forza 350 2023 model at the beginning of October.

Piaggio, with the advantage of local assembly, can offer a very competitive price – only 155 million VND – for its highest-end scooter model, Vespa GTS 300.The official imported version of the Italian scooter model is much more expensive and only arrives in the country when there are pre-orders, in small quantities.

The new 2022 version of the Honda SH 350i also has a retail price of less than 150 million VND thanks to the advantage of local assembly. In addition, names like Yamaha XMax 300 or Suzuki Burgman 400 are really rare on the streets.

Therefore, the listed price of less than 350 million VND for the BMW C400 GT is a very reasonable figure compared to the general level in the segment. Meanwhile, the C400 GT owns the reputable German logo, with unique design, good finish quality, and distinctive riding experience.

The front design of the BMW C400 GT has a large size, with sharp, thick, and layered lines stacked on top of each other, bringing a sporty, modern and masculine look. The windscreen is arranged large and slightly curved, helping minimize the impact of wind on the driver’s chest, thereby reducing fatigue for the driver, especially when participating in long tours.

The double LED headlights with 4 clear-edged hexagonal light projection cups are inspired by the “soulful eyes” on BMW’s 4-wheeled siblings. The C400 GT is also equipped with daytime running lights, which makes the operation of the vehicle safer in all conditions.

The front suspension system uses telescopic forks at the front and coil springs at the rear wheel. Combined with the steel frame, it provides an extremely solid experience for a scooter model, whether operating inside or outside the city.

Similar to the front part, the bodywork of the BMW C400 GT is also designed to be layered, sharp, and combination with multiple colors to give a strong and masculine feel for the scooter model.

The rear light cluster is also designed in a very “Western” style, with a square and strong language. Some optional equipment can be added such as anti-fall frame, larger windscreen, lower seat, heated seat and handlebars, anti-theft system, and many other accessories.

The German scooter is equipped with a double disc brake system at the front wheel – similar to other larger displacement siblings in the BMW Motorrad family. The front brake disc with a diameter of 265 mm comes with a 4-piston caliper with a diameter of 28mm. Meanwhile, the rear wheel uses a single disc brake with a diameter of 265mm and a 1-piston caliper with a diameter of 32mm.

Thanks to being equipped with a 2-channel ABS for both the front and rear wheels, the BMW C400 GT also has the ASC traction control feature. This technology continuously monitors and controls the speed of rotation of the front and rear wheels to prevent wheel slip, helping the vehicle maintain balance and increase road grip, especially in rainy and slippery conditions.

Moreover, the BMW C400 GT is equipped with Ride by Wire electronic throttle, which makes the operation of the vehicle smooth and smooth even at low speeds, without jerking like scooters that use mechanical throttle cables.

Another prominent feature on the BMW C400 GT scooter is the Connectivity intelligent connection system, combined with a 6.5-inch color TFT screen. The familiar Multi-Controller rotary knob is also present on the C400 GT, providing the ability to connect with both the phone and Bluetooth headset for both riders and passengers at the same time.

Therefore, passengers can adjust music, make – receive phone calls, use navigation maps, and monitor all vehicle parameters with just one finger operation that is very convenient and safe.

In addition, BMW equips the C400 GT with the Keyless Ride smart key system. Passengers only need to carry the wireless key with them and can easily start the engine, lock the handlebars, open the seat and gas tank lid conveniently, as well as protect their assets.

The handlebars of the scooter are set quite high, wide to both sides, while the seat is designed wide and quite low – at 775mm – and comes with a thick side cushion, making it more convenient in foot support as well as creating a straight sitting and driving posture, minimizing fatigue for passengers.

Another interesting detail on the BMW C400 GT is the Flexcase storage compartment, with an exclusive design from BMW Motorrad, which can expand when parking and can accommodate up to 1 ¾ helmet and 1 full-face helmet while still having empty space. There is also a load-bearing hook – a unique feature that is rare among scooters. Two small storage compartments in the front also integrate a 12V charging port.

According to information from the German manufacturer, the 350cc engine is designed and manufactured exclusively for BMW C400 GT. This “heart” can provide a maximum power of up to 34 horsepower and a torque of 35Nm for a maximum speed of up to 139 km/h. In addition, the fuel consumption of the vehicle is only 3.5 L/100 km according to the international WMTC standard and meets the latest Euro 5 emission standard.

The scooter has three color options, comes with a 3-year official warranty, and has no mileage limit.

Anh Phan (Tuoitrethudo)