With a total of 32 new changes, the most prominent being the mild hybrid engine, the Suzuki Hybrid Ertiga 2022 promises to be a highly competitive name when compared to its rivals in the affordable 7-seater MPV segment.

Entering 2022, after Toyota introduced the all-new Veloz Cross, Mitsubishi upgraded the facelift version for the “sales king” Xpander, Hyundai was eager to introduce Stargazer to the Vietnamese market; Suzuki did not hesitate either – by launching a mild hybrid version of the 7-seater MPV: Hybrid Ertiga.

The “main character” of the Suzuki Hybrid Ertiga 2022 is the 1.5L engine that has been equipped with an integrated starter generator (ISG) located right behind the main engine; it is accompanied by a 6,000mAh – 12V lithium-ion battery located below the driver’s seat – with fast charging capabilities and durability.

The hybrid system will have an impact on the vehicle’s engine, helping to improve its performance when carrying heavy loads (within 30 seconds) or restarting the engine to reduce load and thereby improve fuel consumption.

Thanks to the SHVS – Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki technology, the Hybrid Ertiga 2022 has a fuel consumption of only 5.05L / 100km in operation. The vehicle can save up to 33% fuel and reduce up to 6 tonnes of CO2 emissions per 100,000km driven.

According to the manufacturer, the battery’s lifespan can be up to 10 years and will then be reused in solar-powered street lighting systems to reduce environmental impact. After the 5-year warranty period, the cost of replacing this battery is also announced by the manufacturer at 29.9 million VND.

In terms of overall structure, the Suzuki Hybrid Ertiga 2022 still possesses the boxy shape that is characteristic of MPVs like its predecessor. The dimensions of the car are: 4,395 x 1,735 x 1,690mm; with a wheelbase maintained at 2,740mm.

The front of the car is an area that witnesses a strong change in the Hybrid Ertiga, with a more modern grille, thanks to the 3D design grille that includes shiny chrome details in the shape of a boomerang.

The main headlights are still equipped with projectors, but have added an automatic on/off mode depending on the environmental conditions. Along with that, the Guide me light feature will provide passengers with the ability to easily illuminate the way into the house after parking and turning off the car.

Together with the new grille, the Suzuki Hybrid Ertiga 2022 also receives an upgrade in the air intake area. An LED position light strip similar to the grille’s design has been added, making the appearance of the car more rugged and aggressive.

In addition, fog lights are also a new addition to the Hybrid Ertiga 2022, helping to increase visibility for drivers, especially in conditions of heavy fog on mountain passes.

Moving to the rear of the vehicle, the tailgate of the Suzuki Hybrid Ertiga 2022 has been added with a handsome chrome trim, complete with a reversing camera and parking sensors to ensure safety. In particular, the Suzuki Hybrid Ertiga 2022 is also equipped with a power tailgate with trunk kick function; making it more convenient to open and close the trunk, especially when shopping and both hands are busy carrying items.

In addition, the Sport Limited version adds sporty and personalized exterior accessories to the vehicle, including: a rear spoiler, door handle covers, step sills, rain visors, front and rear bumper covers, and side moldings…

The interior space of the Suzuki Hybrid Ertiga 2022 does not have many major changes, but focuses on small improvements, such as the overall color scheme being changed to gray-black, making the cabin more luxurious.

The carbon-fiber pattern on the dashboard, door trim, and some other positions have also made way for a new wood grain pattern, creating a cozy and elegant atmosphere for the car. In addition, the car still has a 10-inch center screen along with smart connectivity such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Particularly, some notable additional features for the car include: electronic rearview mirror with integrated driving camera; wireless charging for smart devices, and most notably the D-cut steering wheel with cruise control – a feature that users have been waiting for a long time and that Suzuki has finally listened to and responded to.

Next, a small but very convenient feature – the soft leather-wrapped armrest; along with built-in cup holders with cooling vents for passengers in the front seats.

Similarly to the previous version, the Suzuki Hybrid Ertiga 2022 still offers a spacious space with enough room for 7 people. The rear seats can slide, recline, and fold to customize the space flexibly according to specific needs.

Behind the steering wheel, the MID display screen can show detailed real-time information about the operation of the hybrid engine. The manual version also adds GSI lights to indicate the operating gear number.

The new Suzuki Hybrid Ertiga 2022 is more convenient, economical, safer, and environmentally friendly. It is available in 3 versions at 41 dealerships nationwide with prices of 539, 609, and 678 million VND, with 6 optional colors and ready for immediate delivery in October 2022.

Anh Phan (Tuoitrethudo)