Phi Long Auto’s product, inspired by blockbuster movies like “Batman” or “Fast and Furious”, the Mazda3 and Mazda6 widebody duo with dark and mysterious colors, extremely attractive.

The Phi Long Auto workshop is located in district 8, Ho Chi Minh City. This is a reputable upgrade location, with a 20-year history, especially for widebody modifications – for car enthusiasts nationwide. Many cars from different provinces, even from the northern region, are brought to the South, delivered to Phi Long Auto for modification.

Compared to the original cars, the Mazda3 and Mazda6 duo from Phi Long Auto’s workshop have a completely different appearance: cooler, more aggressive, and extremely eye-catching. The car paint has been wrapped with a matte black color, creating a mysterious and impressive feeling – especially when the owner drives the car at night.

The dark color covers the entire exterior details, including: mirrors, grilles, front and rear bumpers, wheels, air intakes… with many unique design areas, ensuring uniqueness when the car rolls on the streets.

The hood of the Mazda6 has been redesigned with large air intakes in a square shape that blends perfectly with the front bumper. Overall, the front of the car has a muscular and sturdy appearance, similar to the Ford Mustang from Hollywood movies.

Each car will be meticulously designed at Phi Long Auto, and then the body parts will be manufactured and finally attached to the car using hidden screws or adhesive. If the owner wants to revert to the original condition after a period of time, Phi Long Auto can still meet the customer’s needs.

To fit the widebody fenders, the 4 wheels are equipped with spacers to increase the width of the wheelbase. Along with that, the original wheels have also been upgraded to sports ones. The body panels are made from fiberglass material to optimize weight while ensuring rigidity.

Compared to the more expensive carbon fiber material, the advantage of fiberglass is that it can recover after minor collisions without the need for replacement. The cost of producing body panels from fiberglass is also lower compared to carbon fiber material.

At the rear of the car, a rear diffuser has been added to enhance aerodynamics and give the car a sporty look. On top of the trunk lid, the Mazda6 is equipped with a large ducktail spoiler. Meanwhile, the Mazda3 has a detachable spoiler of equally impressive size.

The headlights at the front and the taillights at the rear have been adjusted to provide better lighting performance, ensuring safe visibility for drivers at night; and making the Mazda duo appear extremely aggressive.

The exhaust system of this Mazda duo is still original. However, the owner replaces the stock exhaust tips with a sportier type, with a dual two-way design on each side, giving the rear of the car an impressive look.

According to Phi Long Auto’s estimate, each Mazda costs about 100 million VND for the widebody modification alone (excluding other details like wheels, lights…) with the addition of sporty exterior decorations.

Inside the car, the most impressive detail that the modified Mazda has is in the center of the dashboard. The original central infotainment screen has been replaced with the GT Mazda Limited screen. The highlight of this screen is that it is specially designed for Mazda cars, so it can run both the manufacturer’s original Mazda Connect operating system and Android 10.

Customers can easily switch between these two operating systems according to their needs. The GT Mazda Limited screen is designed as a horizontal integrated unit with a size of up to 10.25 inches – much larger than the original screen, providing optimal utilization area and making the overall interior of the car much more luxurious and modern.

Compared to the original screen of the Mazda car, the GT Mazda Limited screen is fully equipped with the most modern entertainment features, such as voice commands through the Vietnamese assistant Kiki, Google information search, route and location search with 3 types of maps: Google maps, Vietmap, and Navitel, watching news from VTV, Youtube, listening to music, watching movies… and it can share wifi connection with a very powerful configuration without worrying about lag or stuttering.

Synchronized with the GT Mazda Limited screen is the Helix 3-way sound system from the German brand, including: 3-way speakers, DSP V8, Helix subwoofer, Helix D One amplifier. To install this speaker system, Phi Long Auto had to manually shape the A-pillar, with 2 speakers on each side, creating a glamorous and beautiful look without obstructing the driver’s view.

Next, the steering wheel has been replaced with a sporty type with a flat D-cut bottom design, carbon fiber material wrapped in perforated leather and decorative stitching. Meanwhile, the paddle shifters and control buttons remain original to retain the “soul” of Mazda for the driver.

Furthermore, the “shadow night” styled Mazda duo at Phi Long Auto still retains its original power, from the engine, transmission, drivetrain… according to the customer’s request.

Anh Phan (Tuoitrethudo)