Exciting upcoming event: VMRC 2020 Stage 2 promises thrilling competitive moments

After an intense "aquatic battle" in the opening stage of VMRC 2020, racers and speed enthusiasts are now turning their attention to Dai Nam race track, where the second stage of the season will take place on July 26th. With the grandeur of Dai Nam race track, the second stage promises to be an explosive and thrilling race, delighting fans.


VMRC 2020 is currently the most famous sports event in the field of motor racing in Vietnam. After being postponed for a period of time due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the top motorbike racing event in Vietnam made a comeback in June. In the opening race, despite heavy rain, the racers and organizers devoted themselves to giving the audience an impressive race in terms of both professional and entertainment aspects.

Upcoming VMRC 2020 stage 2: Promising thrilling and eye-catching races vmrc-2020-3.jpg

Opening race of VMRC 2020 took place in heavy rain conditions

With stricter selection of racers and more professional organization, VMRC 2020 has further solidified its position as the most professional motor racing event. Especially in the opening race, despite the harsh weather conditions, all categories were fiercely contested and warmly received by the audience.

In the Blade 110 category, racer Phan Minh Phụng excellently won the first position after a dominant performance over other racers.

Upcoming VMRC 2020 stage 2: Promising thrilling and eye-catching races vmrc-2020-6.jpg

Blade 110 category in VMRC 2020 stage 1

In the MSX 125 category, current champion of the Blade 110 category (VMRC 2019 season) Nguyễn Đức Thanh, despite a brilliant performance, still couldn’t surpass Nguyễn Nhật Trường.

Upcoming VMRC 2020 stage 2: Promising thrilling and eye-catching races vmrc-2020-5.jpg

MSX 125 category in VMRC 2020 stage 1

The Winner 150 category witnessed the excellence of racer Tô Hà Đông Nghi after an intense race against Nguyễn Nhựt Linh and Nguyễn Hoàng Đăng Khoa. As for the UB130 category, it was a double win for the N2O Binh Duong team with the first positions in the race going to Lê Hùng Hữu Tín and Lê Phụng.

Upcoming VMRC 2020 stage 2: Promising thrilling and eye-catching races vmrc-2020-2.jpg

UB130 category in VMRC 2020 stage 1

Meanwhile, the Vietnam Talent Cup (NSF100) category made an impressive debut with young racers. Fans may still remember the image of racer Nguyễn Tôn Anh Phú leaving his competitors far behind in the first half of the race, but after a fall, he ended up at the bottom position. On the other hand, Phùng Cao Nguyên, despite not standing out during the race, demonstrated stability and composure and became the first winner of the NSF100 category.

Upcoming VMRC 2020 stage 2: Promising thrilling and eye-catching races vmrc-2020-8.jpg

Vietnam Talent Cup category in VMRC 2020 stage 1

Although the opening race was impressive and satisfied the speed racing fans who had been waiting for months, there was still something that left the audience and enthusiasts feeling a bit unsatisfied. Specifically, the 2K racetrack seems to still not be large enough for the audience to feel fully immersed, even though at the 2K racetrack, the audience had the chance to witness more technical displays by the racers.

In the upcoming stage 2, the organizers have decided to bring VMRC 2020 to one of the largest racetracks in Vietnam at the moment: the Dai Nam racetrack. With the race taking place here, Honda Vietnam is seen as “releasing the tiger into the forest” for the racers to freely unleash themselves and have the opportunity and time to show their best.

Upcoming VMRC 2020 stage 2: Promising thrilling and eye-catching races vmrc-2020-4.jpg

VMRC 2020 will be officially held at Dai Nam

With a track length of nearly 2.5km, although still far from international racetracks, this length is considered “just right” for the VMRC underbone models. Moreover, with 15 corners, stage 2 of VMRC 2020 will give the racers a challenging experience.

Stage 2 will continue with the competition of 57 racers in 5 categories: Blade 110cc, MSX 125cc, UB130cc, Winner 150cc, and Vietnam Talent Cup (NSF 100).

Stage 2 of the Vietnam Motorcycle Racing Championship 2020 will officially take place at 14:00 on July 26, 2020, at the Dai Nam racetrack in Binh Duong province, with the organizational sponsorship of Honda Vietnam. Fans get ready for the “fiery speed feast” created by the racers and Honda Vietnam.

The race will also be livestreamed on the Vietnam Motor Racing Fanpage at 13:30 on the same day. For the latest and detailed information about the event, visit the Vietnam Motor Racing Fanpage at https://www.facebook.com/Vietnam-Motor-Racing-813850712144385.

Trang Nguyen (Forum.autodaily.vn)