Kia announces it will debut two brand new all-electric concept models at this year’s EV Day event, where the company will also reveal detailed specifications of the compact SUV model EV5 and provide further information on the company’s future plans. The South Korean automaker has released some images and videos introducing the expanding lineup of electric vehicles with “three new midsize and compact electric vehicles”.

According to the leaked photo, the first model from left to right is the current Kia EV6 GT. Alongside is a low-slung coupe-sedan with crossover styling and vertical LED headlights, which is one of the new concepts for production models in the future. In the middle, the distinctive shape and lighting of the new compact SUV EV5 can be seen, alongside what appears to be the upcoming small SUV EV4 and the large electric SUV EV9.

Furthermore, Kia will also announce detailed specifications of the all-new EV5 after its production debut at the Chengdu Auto Show in China last August.

There will be an electric version to replace the Sportage with a length of 4,615 mm and using the E-GMP architecture. The specifications of the vehicle may vary depending on the region, but the version for China is expected to have a front-mounted electric motor generating 215 horsepower and using energy from BYD’s lithium iron phosphate Blade battery.

The annual Kia EV Day event will take place in Yeoju, South Korea on October 12th, when the models will be unveiled.

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