Producing a Bugatti sports car requires not only high technical skills but also meticulous attention to detail.

One example is the painting process. While most other car manufacturers rely on robots to perform the painting and assembly process for efficiency and speed, it’s different for the French supercar brand.

The brand often spends about 600 – 700 hours (equivalent to one month) to complete the painting for each car.

Before the first primer coat is sprayed onto the car, Bugatti experts must inspect each body panel to see if it is smooth or if there are any rough spots. Because to achieve perfection, no matter how professional the painting is, a rough or uneven surface would lose its meaning.

Once the body is confirmed to be defect-free, the painters will continue with the primer coat, followed by sanding to prevent any rough spots or dents caused by the paint itself.

Just the first primer coat alone takes about 100 hours. The next 100 hours will be dedicated to the color coating process. 

To ensure a durable and beautiful paint color, the artists will apply a layer of clear coating, then sand it, and then another layer of clear coating and sanding to create depth and brightness for the final color layer.

After completing the painting process, each body panel will be checked again. If the panels have uneven color, one panel is slightly darker or brighter than the others, it will be repainted in the workshop.

This process takes time and requires precision because the body panels are often made of different materials. The car’s body is sometimes a combination of metal in one area and carbon fiber in another. That’s why craftsmen need to be more meticulous and careful at this stage.

After the painting is finished, the body panels will go through 4 days of polishing. After that, the car will be placed in a brightly lit tunnel for 10 hours to ensure there are no flaws or imperfections, no matter how small they are.

To produce a Bugatti car, the master craftsmen must ensure that every design and production step is completed with utmost dedication to aesthetics.

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